Chris Drury

What Chris Drury said about DeAngelo, Zibanejad and what is next

Chris Drury spoke after Day 2 of the NHL Draft and said (NHL Media):

  • Do you expect to be active heading into free agency, “obviously it’s quickly onto the next thing, I’m not going to get into specific details or plans of what is going to happen, but as I’ve continually said, we’re going to look at every different option to improve the team and that is where I’ll leave it.”

  • On adding physical players through the draft, “mostly it was just the way the board fell. As an organization we have talked about being harder to play against, certainly you watch these playoffs and how big and physical hockey is in the spring and summer, it did just happen to fall that way, but we are happy it did.”
  • Do you think there is more work that must be done, “I don’t think anyone is ever fully satisfied or the job is fully done, I think I said something along those lines last night and we will continue to explore with our whole staff and scouts and the whole organization on ways we can get better.”
  • Was there ever a chance DeAngelo could come back, “No, it wasn’t. I think it’s best for him and best for us. I had a good conversation with Tony yesterday morning and wished him well and we certainly wish him well with whatever comes next for him in his career.”
  • Are you going to qualify all the players, “Some of it has, some of it hasn’t. I wanted to get through the weekend and use the time we had, I think it’s due Monday at 5 and we will take a look at it, probably after this zoom, and tomorrow and make a decision by the deadline on Monday.”
  • On the centers in the third round, “We are excited to get both of those centers where we did. They are two kind of different players, one is bigger and a little more rugged, the other one is a little smaller and craftier and a little different style player. Happy to get them both.”
  • On centers in the NHL, “We feel good about our centers. Centers are obviously a huge part of any team and organization, you are always looking at ways to build  our center depth, but I feel pretty good about where it is now.”
  • Was adding size a priority, “I think that it’s just where the chips fell on our list, when it was our turn big guys were there. We didn’t build the list based on that, but in a lot of ways when you are building a list and getting ready for the draft, there are certain trends you look for and that is just where the list fell for us this year.”
  • On Mika Zibanejad signed long-term, “obviously Mika is a huge part of our team and has been a huge part of our organization for a long-time. I’m certainly not going to discuss his contract or anyone else’s publicly, but certainly have a ton of respect for him as a person and a player for what he has done here and I’ll leave it at that.”
  • Are you still looking at something significant or adding depth, “I’m not going to get into specifics of exactly what we are trying to do and it’s a pretty broad answer to a specific question, but I just feel it’s the best way I think to handle it, we are always trying to get better, whether that is build depth or specific spots, but I’m not going to get into too much more detail than that.’