2021-22 Rangers

What Gerard Gallant said after the win over the Isles

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the win over the Isles and said (MSG):

  • On the plan against the Isles, “we talked about it, with them missing five regular defensemen, or six, whatever it was, we just had to make sure we got pucks behind them and we didn’t do that early in the game, but in the later part of the game we got more pucks behind them and had more success.”
  • On the fourth line setting the tone, “they were great, obviously did their job tonight. Reavo made some great plays, Rooney had a couple of goals and Goodrow was great, they were obviously key to the win tonight.”

  • On the fourth line being the tone setters, “that is their job, that is what we want them to do, they keep it simple, they work hard and go to the net. It’s like their fourth line, they are very effective for their team and did a good job. Our fourth line was the difference, for me, tonight in this game.”
  •  Is that why you want to that line after the Isles scored, “Definitely, for sure.”
  • When did you decide to swap Kakko and Hunt, “probably yesterday, sort of discussing it as coaches. We sit there sometimes and have too much time on our hands and we make decisions like that. We talk about Hunt’s speed and forecheck and creating a little bit more forecheck for them and Kaapo has played really well… it was a combination of things and we will see where it goes tomorrow, but I was happy with both and the sad part of it tonight was so many penalties, Hunt didn’t get the time he should have gotten with those guys and Kaapo play a whole lot either, we were killing penalties a lot and then lots of PP. A different game than we’ve had all year.”
  • On Lafreniere fighting Pageau, “definitely, it’s a big part of our group and it takes 20 guys. I don’t want to see it every night, but Laffy stepped up, didn’t like what he saw. Pageau isn’t a big guy, not a big fighter and a guy like Laffy went out, I didn’t know nothing was going to happen, I just put the guys on the ice and he went after him. Foxy and Lindy are pretty good buddies and he didn’t like what he saw and he went after it and did the right thing.”
  • On Chris Kreider, “It’s hard to say. Kreids…when a visiting coach comes in to NY and sees Chris Kreider you say ‘there is a complete player.” He’s big, strong, goes to the net hard and I know in the past there have people talk about inconsistency at times, but I love what he’s done the first 19 games for us, he’s played hard every night and done a good job on the PK. I just think he’s full of confidence and tired of not making the playoffs the last few years. He’s one of our leaders and key guys and he’s playing great hockey.”
  • On Kreider being off to the side on the PP for deflections, “It’s definitely soemthing they work on a lot, but the other part is those guys don’t shoot enough from the outside. I wish they would mix is up a little more and those guys would shoot from the outside, but it’s been working lately so we will leave him alone.”
  • Have you seen Reaves make a play like that before, “I have in Vegas a few times. Reaves has some pretty goods when he’s got time to make plays and he had time to make that play and it was a great pass and it’s good to see guys like that get rewarded with a good game like this.”
  • On Rooney having more goals than Mika and Panarin, “I don’t judge players by their goals, I really don’t. I just want them playing the game the right way, that is what they are doing and why they are having success. Rooney is being around the net and you are going to score goals. Roons isn’t going to score those end to end goals like Panarin and those types of guys, but the goals he scored tonight he was around the net and that is the key for me, being around the net and being hungry and you will score those goals.”
  • On feeling there is more room to grow as a team, “we talk to them about it. I’m not trying to send any negative message, it’s ‘hey, I think we are a good team. Can we get better? Let’s get better. We weren’t happy with our first 10 games even though we had a good record. I think we’ve played better since then and it’s coming together and more guys are playing. The Fil line was pretty good again and you like what you see when your team starts to roll like that and four lines going and your D playing solid hockey and goaltending has been good for us. Keep it going and try to get better.”
  • Is Lindgren okay, “he’s fine, came back out at the end, I guess they called from upstairs. He’s fine.”