2022 New York Rangers Playoffs

Updates from the Rangers on Saturday

2:25 PM: Sidney Crosby and Tristan Jarry practiced today for the Penguins and both are considered day-to-day.

3:12 PM: Gerard Gallant spoke after practice today and said (NYR):

  • “Game 7 is huge for us and now we gotta make sure we finish it off tomorrow and play the right way. Gave ourselves an opportunity and worked hard to get back and I think everybody is really excited and a good rest day for most people, going to have a light skate for some of the guys, optional skate. It’s a big game for sure, lot of fun and looking forward to it. Been involved in a few of them over the years and they are fun.”


  • You probably want to start better tomorrow, “As long as we finish the right way, I don’t care. It’s all about winning the hockey game. We had some tough starts on the road, no doubt, but we had some real good starts here. I’m not concerned about it.”
  • How do you want the players to approach Game 7, “I think we approach the last two games as Game 7s. Really, we had to win those games, they were must wins and we found a way to win those hockey games. Tomorrow is no different and if you lose you go home. Just keep trying to play and winning hockey games and you can move on. We’ve had two Game 7s in the last two, for me.”
  • Does it change when both teams have to approach it that way, “I don’t think so. Obviously a Game 7 is going to be a shootout and teams are going to be rearing to go and ready to go and everybody knows that the loser goes home. It should be a fun game, it’s a close series, the teams are evenly matched and hopefully we’ll come out on top. I’m expecting a real good game.”
  • On Tyler Motte, “Great, excellent. Everything we needed. Real good.”
  • Do you try to think about if Crosby or Jarry will play, “we expect Sid to play. I don’t know what is going to happen, we have no idea, but we expect him to play.”
  • What about Jarry, “It’s possible. Their coaching staff will worry about that, it doesn’t matter to us who is in their net. We are very comfortable with our net and that is all you worry about. You can’t worry about the other team. Obviously, when we have our coaching meetings we look at that and possibility here and there, but we spend most of our time on our team.”
  • Do you think these last two games have been redeeming for Shesterkin, “Like I said, none of us were happy with the way things were going with our team, it’s more our team than Igor. There were some deflection goals that he didn’t like, we didn’t like, but overall he’s been outstanding. He’s our MVP, we always talk about it and he’s really sound and solid. We are real comfortable with our goaltending, that is for sure.”
  • On Mika’s line seeing less of the Pens top line, “well, they did more than I did it. Sully played who he wanted, the match ups, they got away from the match up more than I did.”
  • On Mika and Kreider focusing less on Crosby’s line, “Play your game, never focus on what they are going to do. They are going to do it whether you play your game or not and so go out and play Mika’s game or Kreids’ game and have fun and enjoy the game and that is what they’ve done, it was good to see that.”
  • Do you see a common theme in why the team keeps falling behind, “I don’t like it, it’s worked out for us so far, but I don’t like it. You go on the road and the home team usually has the edge for the first period, first 10 minutes and you hope to contain that and we didn’t do it. We found a way to battle back in the second period and second half of the game.”
  • Have you played the right way enough the last few games, “I like a lot of what we’ve done the last couple of games. The first period wasn’t good, but besides that I thought we played real good. Third period was pretty even for me, we got the break at the end of the game with that goal, but we’re playing pretty good hockey, overall.”
  • On K’Andre Miller’s game, “real good, we like what he brings, he plays a lot of minutes and our defensemen are battling hard.”
  • Does it resonate with the team that some guys are playing through pain, “I sure hope so because as coaches you really appreciate what those guys are doing. Lindy, to do what he’s done the last two nights and play way he is and battles and he’s been outstanding and shows that leadership and character. Motte coming in last night, he didn’t play a ton of minutes, but he did exactly what we needed from him, killing penalties and good defensive hockey.”