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What Ryan Strome said about his injury and his future

Ryan Strome said on Monday that he had been dealing with a lower-body injury during the second half of the season and it “got worse the last two rounds.” (NYR)

He said he was dealing with a pelvis injury and that he would find out on Tuesday if he needed surgery. (NYR)

Strome said “I was just dealing with, like, a  pelvis injury, my whole pelvis, which makes both groins and your abs. I felt like I was playing with a knife in my abs for the last little while” (NYR)


Asked about his future as a pending UFA, Strome said “the last four years I’ve tried to pour everything into this thing on and off the ice as much as I could. Whatever happens, happens. I can’t predict the future, but all I know is that I love these guys and I think we have some unfinished business and this team is destined for great things in the future. See what happens. It’s a little emotional, honestly. It’s a great group of guys and I hope there is more.” (NYR)

He added “my first choice is still to be a New York Ranger. I think I’ve given them the indication that’s my feeling. If that’s not the case than we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I don’t really know what to expect because I’ve never been through it, I have no idea. I’ve watched Tradecentre or Free Agent Frenzy all that stuff. We’ll see what happens. This business is crazy and I think things can change at any given moment.” (NYR)

Strome added “playing for the Rangers has been a dream come true. I never thought that getting drafted by the Islanders that it would happen, it’s been unreal. I don’t want to look too big picture because it really sucks, this feeling,

He said that there were “a little bit” of contract negotiations during the season and added “I think both sides, once we got a little closer it was ‘focus on hockey.’ I try not to be part of it as much as possible, I think, as the player, you kind of get information secondhand from your agent and he calls the team. I feel it’s best to stay out of it as much as possible, I feel like, for me, it was a little bit hard to focus the more I was involved, so I tried to stay out of it a little bit. That’ll change a little bit as the season ends, I’m sure, but during the season there is so much going on and dealing with a little bit of an injury at the same time was just so many things. I’ve got two young kids and so much going on at home that it makes for a lot to think about. We’ll see where it goes.”

Strome continued, “who knows what happens, but I’ve put everything into this team and I think the guys in here have, and I would love nothing more to keep it going. I just feel like there’s a bit of unfinished business and we’ve built a good thing, but I can’t predict the future.”

Strome reportedly turned down a contract offer from the Rangers earlier in the season that had a cap hit of between $5.25 and $5.5 million.  (NY Post)

Elliotte Friedman said on 32 Thoughts “the thing with Strome, they’ve been talking on and off with Strome and he loves it there. When you play the way he played you are doing two things, you are showing people that you care, but in particular you are showing this team that you really care about it, about them.”

Friedman said on The Jeff Marek Show that “they’ve been trying on Strome for a while and obviously we aren’t there yet. Strome really likes being a Ranger, he loves being there, he was very happy he wasn’t traded before this year, but he’s a center and shown he can be a second-line center in this league and those are hard to find.”

Adam Rotter: My gut tells me that Strome’s time with the Rangers is up and that Andrew Copp’s versatility and performance likely cements that. The Rangers have had the chance to trade Strome the last couple of years and also the chance to re-sign him since last summer and they did neither.

I think that the Rangers would like to keep Strome and keep his partnership with Artemi Panarin, but only with a contract that he will easily be able to surpass in free agency.

Strome’s been a really good Ranger, a really popular player, leader and he played through what sounds like agony in the playoffs. I think it’s possible that he stays, but it seems a lot more likely that Copp re-signs and that Strome gets a long-term deal as one of the better centers available, and someone who has shown he can play with a high-end player, somewhere else.