Ryan Strome Contract/Future

What the latest on Ryan Strome and the Rangers might be

Elliotte Friedman spoke about the Rangers on The Jeff Marek Show on Thursday and said “I think it’s going to be interesting there. I think they are trying to keep Strome. I think one of the questions there is term. I know Strome loves it there and I know they really think highly of him and I think one of the things they are haggling over has been term.”

Friedman said yesterday on That’s Hockey Talk that “I think the Rangers are in a lot of things. There were rumors today about Dubois and I’m not convinced Winnipeg is ready to do that yet. I still think they are trying to sign Strome.”


Strome reportedly turned down a contract offer from the Rangers earlier in the season that had a cap hit of between $5.25 and $5.5 million.  (NY Post)

Adam Rotter: I’m not sure what the Rangers will ultimately do or not do over the next 13 days. The feeling has gone from Strome not coming back because he wasn’t extended before the deadline to Strome’s not coming back because of Andrew Copp and now it’s that Copp might not be coming back because he has a ton of interest around the league and that Strome might be. That doesn’t even factor in any potential trade or the idea of going with Filip Chytil as the second line center.

With Strome it makes sense that term is the issue. He mentioned at the end of the year that his longest contract in the NHL was his entry-level deal of three-years. The concern is the same concern that the Rangers had with Derek Stepan and why they ultimately traded him before his no-trade clicked in and it’s the speed and pace of the game. Will he be able to keep up as the game continues to get faster and his contract still has time on it?

I’d guess that Strome should be able to get at least five-years on the open market and I’d guess that the Rangers don’t want to go that far knowing that by the middle of the contract his game may fall off. Or would the Rangers sacrifice term to lower the cap hit as much as possible? How much no-move/no-trade protection does he get? He’d want stability and the Rangers would want flexibility.

It’s a tough call because all Strome has done since coming to the Rangers is be a really good player. He’s a leader on the team, a guy that seemingly everyone loves and he’s been productive. But can they do better? I think that is the question being figured out because the Rangers are contenders now. As much as they need to play for 2-3-4 years down the line, they can compete for the Stanley Cup next year. So does keeping Ryan Strome give them a better chance to win the Stanley Cup next year even if it means a deal for 4-5-6 years or can they make a trade to add someone that makes them better now and for the future?