2022 New York Rangers Training Camp

What Gerard Gallant said on Thursday

Gerard Gallant met with the media after the first on-ice day of training camp and said (NYR):

  • Did you get what you wanted out of today, “it looked good, everything was good, no issues, nobody got hurt, played good games. It was good, practices were good.”

  • Did you get a little scare when Igor was hit, “no, not really. I knew he was fine…obviously, you get a little concerned and say that I hope he feels okay, but you know right away. You get a scare when Chris Kreider fell on the boards on the first shift at the other end, but that is hockey and training camp and you hope you have a good training camp and they work hard and stay healthy.”
  • Do you want to remind the players not to crash into Igor, “oh yea, I told them that before we started, that there is no fighting out there, no big hits out there and we are out there to see skill and talent and play fast. There are four days of practice and after that they are playing the real games, exhibition games. You get used to those and you can play those games a lot harder, but I want guys to show some speed and skill and talent.”
  • Is that tough for guys fighting for a roster spot, “no, not at all….they do that in the exhibition game. These games don’t mean nothing to me, they mean getting in shape and getting prepared for the season. They are not going to make our team out of these next three days, trust me.”
  • Is putting The Kid Line back together going to help their confidence, “yea, I mean, I liked it. Obviously, they are talented players and they feel comfortable playing with each other, but I don’t know where it’s going to be in the exhibition game or Game 1 of the regular season, we’ll see how our lineup looks and how things shake out, but if they are starting together, I’m happy with it. They are a good line.”
  • Did you learn about how they handled the pressure in the playoffs, “yea, they played good, worked hard, played good. For the most part I was real happy with everything. Our team went a long ways, they took a big step in the process and I think they got better as time went on. Again, I think the last month of the season they started playing really well and it carried over. And we had a lot of injuries so we had to do a lot of different things in our lineup during the playoffs, like a lot of teams do when you go that deep, but for the most part I liked…and they all look good at camp. They come into camp and they are all, not that they were in bad shape last year, but they are a little bit more like a man shape now. They all had great numbers and look good and happy and smiling and having fun.”
  • Did you see Lafreniere play a more physical style in the playoffs, “Definitely. He took a big step in the playoffs physically and, again, I don’t want him playing all the time like that. He was running around and probably one of our most aggressive players in the playoffs, but I loved the way he played and competed. He isn’t going to do that through 82-games, but like I said, you bring that game in your best games and it’s a big part of it. I think Laffy played a complete game for us in the playoffs.”
  • Does Lafreniere look bigger to you, “all three of them do, honestly. Fil looks really big to me right now, Kaapo looks bigger, but Laffy definitely looks. They all look a year older, but it’s a big step and I think they all took it.”
  • What do you like about Trocheck’s game to take Strome’s spot on the PP, “I think he played that spot with Carolina last year and he deflects pucks really good, he’s got a good shot from the slot area. He fills that spot, he’s a right hand shot like Strome, he fills that spot real good and he’s a talented player and very similar to what Strome does on the PP.”
  • What were your early impressions of Sammy Blais with Kreider and Zibanejad, “I was happy to see Sammy get through that scrimmage and play the way he did. I’m sure he was really excited because it’s been 10 months since he really played and he worked hard and it was good, he got through it, everything was really good and I know confidence for him, it was huge. We put him on that line, like we talked about, Goodrow is going to be there a little bit and he’s going to be there a little bit and we’ll see where we go from there. It was good, great day for him.”
  • Goodrow will play in the preseason, “yup, not right away, maybe, but he will.”
  • What did you make of Panarin and his line with Trocheck and Kravtsov, “they were doing a lot of talking on the bench, from what I heard, having fun. I think it will be the exhibition games where your gonna…and they might not play together, I don’t know, we’ll see what the…the last one they will for sure, if everybody is healthy, but we’ll see what the lineup is going to be for the exhibition games. I think it’s good chemistry…we’ll see how the camp goes. It’s just nice to see him smile out there and have fun.”
  • Are you looking for Kravtsov to be someone that goes to the net, “he’s got a great shot, talented, and we ask that of all our players. Even Panarin, we talk about a perimeter player that makes great passes, but he wants to be more at the net again. You look at playoffs and you wanna score some goals and big goals and you gotta be on the inside and he is the first one to say that. When he plays his best hockey he isn’t always on the boards on the outside making plays.”