2022-23 Rangers Regular Season

The Rangers new Reverse Retro Jerseys

The Rangers have announced their new Reverse Retro jerseys for this season:

(via NYR)


From the NHL:

• The Rangers beloved “Lady Liberty” jersey will return with a remix in the Rangers current colorway.
• Previous iterations presented the uniform in dark navy and white. Reverse Retro will incorporate Rangers “Blueshirt” Royal Blue in the body complimented by red color-blocking and navy stripes.
• The shoulder patches and crest will tie back to the original jersey with white and silver playing off each other, creating a glistening appearance enhanced by a raised dimensional embroidery
• The current NHL Shield logo is remixed in vintage orange and black colors.

The Rangers will wear these jerseys:

  • 11/3 against Boston
  • 11/8 against the Islanders
  • 11/26 against Edmonton
  • 12/3 against Chicago
  • 12/15 against Toronto
  • 12/27 against the Caps
  • 1/15 against Montreal
  • 1/27 against Vegas