2022-23 Rangers Regular Season

Jeff Gorton says that he is happy the Rangers are having success

Jeff Gorton told NHL.com that he “feels good” that the Rangers “had a lot of success last year” and he believes that “they’ll have a lot of success this year, too.”

He said that he take pride in how the Rangers are “set up pretty well” to “go on some runs” over the next few years. (NHL.com)


Gorton said last month that he was surprised when he was fired and that “it wasn’t something I expected or thought would happen.” (Montreal Gazette)

He said that he felt the Rangers were moving “pretty quickly” in the rebuild and that last season was when it was “probably time to deliver and make the playoffs.” (Montreal Gazette)

Gorton added, “but, listen, I don’t own a hockey team and I don’t make those kind of decisions.” (Montreal Gazette)

David Quinn spoke earlier this week about seeing the success the Rangers had last season.