2022-23 Rangers Regular Season

What Gerard Gallant said after the loss to Colorado

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the Rangers loss to Colorado and said (NYR):

  • On the game, “You knew they were going to get their chances with the talent and skill they got and the way they play and after the first I thought we played pretty good hockey after that. We battled back in the second and third and played pretty sound hockey.”

  • Did their pace of play catch you early, “Definitely, they play really fast. No surprise, we talked about that before the game and the guys, they know, the Stanley Cup Champions are a quick and fast team and built like that and I thought it brought us into the battle more in the second and third period, for sure.”
  • It was a bit of a goaltending showdown, “It sure was, they both made some unbelievable saves.”
  • On the mistake Shesterkin made, “yea (chuckle), he’s made one mistake in two years (laugh). I didn’t even see what happened, to be honest with you, I’ve just seen that he had the puck in the corner and I have no idea what….It happens, we get by it and get over it.”
  •  On Adam Fox, “He’s a talented player and, like I said, he’s up the ice and him and Makar look pretty good going back and forth with each other. Two really good players, it was a good hockey game, exciting for the fans and back and forth and great goaltending, it was a good game.”
  • What did the ref say on the high sticking call, “He’s got no choice, he’s gotta make the call because it’s two minutes. If it would have been a cut and four minutes they can review it and erase it, but when it’s two minutes they can’t erase it. Understand, it’s disappointing and frustrating, but he made the right call.”