2022-23 Rangers Regular Season

Updates from the Rangers on Monday

Gerard Gallant met with the media on Monday and said (NYR):

On Getting Kravtsov back in, “He’s been ready the last couple….I have an idea, but I don’t know when it’s going to happen. I liked the way our team played the last game so we’ll probably see tomorrow if everybody stays healthy through the night it might be the same lineup. I’ve got no problem with the way Kravy has been this year. He’s worked hard and all that. He’s had some unfortunate luck and right now, it’s about our team and I liked the way our team’s played right now. We’ll see when it’s going to happen, but it’s going to happen. He’s going to play. We want to give him every opportunity. So far he’s worked hard, he’s been a good, character person, he’s done everything we’ve asked…just a matter of getting into the game and getting his rhythm. We were hoping for that chance to happen in the first 10 and he got hurt a couple of times and it bounced him out. It’ll happen sooner than later, but we’ll see.”


  • On how the team is defending, “I think a number of nights I come in and say that I thought we played okay, not great, okay and you look at the numbers and say that we probably should have won that game, we had a chance to win better than the other team, more chances and it didn’t happen. Last year was the complete opposite, we got dominated a lot of nights and had a good record. I like the wins, but I think our team has played okay for the most part of the season, we’ve had 2-3 really good games that I like and if we can be more consistent and play that 60-minute game we have a good chance to win every night and I loved our last game in SJ.”
  • Do you talk to a guy like Reaves when he’s scratched, “we talk to our players, for sure. If it’s more than one game then I talk to the guys, not telling you what was said…I’m a players-type of coach, I’m not gonna let a guy sit there and rot and not say anything to him, doesn’t happen.”
  • Is it a different conversation if it’s an older players vs younger, “Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes.”
  • How has Reaves handled it, “He’s a pro, he understands, I’m sure he’s not happy and he wants to play every game, and that is what we want from him, but I’ve had Reavo for a number of years and he’s a professional and works hard and be better and we want him to be better. He wants to play, it’s tough, it’s never easy in those situations, but he’s a true pro and we love him for what he does for us.”