2022-23 Rangers Regular Season

Updates before the game against the Ducks

Gerard Gallant met with the media prior to tonight’s game against the Ducks and said (NYR):

  • On Ryan Reaves being traded, “It’s always tough when you lose a guy that you’ve had for three years, but that is part of our game today. Obviously, I don’t think he was happy with playing one game in the last nine. Everybody wants to play and that’s part of it, as coaches we have tough decisions every night. He wants to play and that is basically what happened….it’s part of the game.”

  • On the impact Reaves had, “He was outstanding, Reavo is a good person and, you know, I got close to him, I coached him for two and a half years in Vegas, I coached him here for a year & a half. Good guy, good solid person, did the organization great, players love him. Just a character person and that is part of our game, tough part of the game, but that is part of it. Hopefully he’ll go to Minnesota and play real well.”
  • Any lineup changes, “tonight, no…just the goalie.”
  • Do you think you guys are finding consistency, “it was good last night after the first seven minutes, played real good hockey again and battled. Hopefully, it continues…the toughest game of this trip is probably going to be the last one, tonight. You gotta make sure you are ready for it, we’re going home tomorrow, you gotta battle through it and get ready to play a back-to-back game and hopefully come out with the same intensity and same compete level we did the last couple of games.”