2022-23 Rangers Regular Season

What Gerard Gallant said after the loss to Chicago

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the loss to Chicago and said (MSG):

  • Was this the same or different than the prior games, “it was different, definitely different.”
  • What was different, “the way we played. We gotta make some adjustments on some of the goals getting scored, wrist shots from the points, deflections and screens in front of the net. But I thought we played faster and harder, but same result, so we gotta make some adjustments to a couple of different things, but we definitely played harder than we did the other night.”

  • On Trouba fighting and trying to light a spark, “He’s trying to get the guys on board and pull them with him. Obviously we don’t want Troubs fighting three times in a weekend, but he’s trying to get something out of our guys and do the best we can, that is what leadership is all about. Sometimes it doesn’t happen in one night or two nights, but you gotta keep working at it and working hard and battling hard and we’ll come out of it sooner or later.”
  • Do you see enough compete level, “I saw more tonight than I did the other night, put it that way. And its just gotta be a team thing, it can’t be 15-14-13, it has to be 20 and that is what Troubs is sending a message and we’ve all seen it.”
  • Is it hard to justify the compete level as you see the losses pile up, “well it’s frustrating, but you’re not going to win if you don’t compete. That is the bottom line, no matter how skilled your team is or whatever, compete comes first.”
  • Did you expect momentum to carry over from the second to the third, “Yea and you know, the big thing….I thought we got momentum from that, first or second shift, Trocheck goes down and hits the post short-side and then I think we lost some momentum. The guys kept saying ‘come on, how many posts are we going to hit before it goes in’ and what was it? 3 or 4 again tonight? I think that frustrates them a little bit, it’s part of the game, you gotta work through it and then they get the fourth goal and that play I just talked about, wrist shot from the point, screen in front of the net with traffic.”
  • Is it harder to battle through with how the team is playing, “well, at least we’re getting some of those chances, I was happy with some of the chances, but, again, you gotta keep working. Nothing comes easy in this league and you gotta work through it and find a way….and we will.”
  • What kind of adjustments do you need to make, “getting in those lanes. Again, they are PPs and you are trying to cut off different seams and our PK has been great all season long, so. Again, when they’ve got two guys in front of you you gotta make sure you are blocking that shot up high or covering the lane.”
  • Do you feel like you are getting the response you want, “Well obviously the last two nights it wasn’t as good as we want. Again, it’s not everybody. Tonight was better, Trouba is trying to set an example for our team and Goodrow does the same thing. I’m not saying that fighting is all, but Trouba throws a big hit and we got some momentum from that and you just gotta bring more guys into battle and we talk about that all the time. If we are going to win it’s about battling for pucks in the corner, battling on the half wall. You gotta be involved in that, that is how you win games, on board play.”