2022-23 Rangers Regular Season

What James Dolan said about the Rangers this season

1/27/23 | Dolan was on WFAN and in response to a statement about the Rangers making “quite” a jump last season, said “What happened was, the season before the season we went to the semi-finals, we should have been in the playoffs, we should have made it through the second round, everybody was disappointed. So we did, we made some changes and then they realized a lot of their potential. And Chris has done, by the way, a fantastic job. I can’t believe that there is a Rangers fan that doesn’t like Chris Drury.”

He also said that he had Chris Drury speak with his son after his son kept saying that the Rangers should acquire an unnamed player.

1/26/23 | James Dolan, wearing a Rangers scarf, was on Fox 5 earlier today and said the following about the Rangers:


“I think the Rangers are, you know, are really cooking and they got a shot this year to win the whole thing…they are not a lock or anything like that…but” (begins talking about the Knicks so far this season).

Dolan said that, despite all the talk about redeveloping around Penn Station, he isn’t going to move MSG.