Will Cuylle

Will Cuylle sent to Hartford

The Rangers have announced that Will Cuylle has been sent back to Hartford.

Cuylle played in both games for the Rangers this week.

He was a minus two in a four games, had two fights, 8 hits and averaged 6:58 per game.


Adam Rotter: This was a nice little showing for Cuylle and gives him a taste of what the NHL is like. It’s probably more impactful for him to take this experience and play big minutes in Hartford, as opposed to playing 7-8 minutes a night on the fourth line, but he may be someone the Rangers call upon again if injuries hit.

Either Julien Gauthier or Vitali Kravtsov will come back in, or both if Sammy Blais sits, but I think the idea is to get Blais as much time as possible to see if he can help for the stretch run or if he needs to be replaced. We know what Julien Gauthier is and he’s turned into a solid depth player that can use his speed to draw penalties an occasionally pop in a goal. Kravtsov is still a bit of an unknown as he was injured to start the year, shuffled around for a lot of it and looking every bit the young player when thrown onto one of the top two lines. I think there is more potential upside in playing Kravtsov, but would he be playing to solidify a potential spot or showcased as a piece to use in a trade. It’s hard to see his long-term fit and while the Rangers are under no obligation to do this, he needs a fresh start.