2022-23 Rangers Regular Season

What Gerard Gallant said after the win over Vancouver

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the win over Vancouver and said (NYR/MSG):

  • Feels like the games are all different, “yea, definitely, that wasn’t quite like the other night, but it’s two points and we played well enough to win the two points, but that was about it, it was a tough game.”

  • What are you seeing that is resulting in these wins, “We are finding ways to win, just like we did last year earlier in the season. Nothing is perfect with our group and there are no perfect games in the league right now, but you find a way to win a game and tonight was a see-saw battle, it wasn’t either team dominated. We had some good chances early and on the PP hit a post, hit a couple of posts, but there was nothing that went real….there was nothing easy tonight, put it that way.”
  • On turnovers leading to their first two goals, “I thought we played great hockey, it was 2-0, we were playing real good hockey and then all of a sudden we change our game a little bit and started turning pucks over in the neutral zone and going cross-ice and stuff like that. In the offensive zone, instead of resetting pucks when there was no play, we tried a high risk play in the slot. The three shifts that were prior to the goal that is what led up to the goal. It’s a little frustrating, but that is what happens. You get up and think it’s going to be easy and then all of a sudden it’s a hockey game.”
  • What happened with Vancouver scoring 10 second after Mika, “I don’t know how that went in, yet. It was sort of a…I was looking up for an icing and the next thing I know, their guy raced to it and somehow the puck got in the short-side. No idea.”
  • On The Kid Line, “They were good again, scored a couple of big goals tonight, obviously. I don’t think anybody was great defensively tonight, but The Kid Line created chances for us, for sure.”