2022-23 Rangers Regular Season, K'Andre Miller

The suspension that K’Andre Miller might get

2:10 PM: Miller will have a hearing for unsportsmanlike conduct tomorrow. (NHL, Lavoie)

12:09 PM: Miller tweeted the following:


10:39AM: Elliotte Friedman said on the 32 Thoughts Podcast, “people were asking me if K’Andre Miller gets suspended, does that come off the cap? No, it doesn’t, that doesn’t happen and I’m glad to hear that everybody is sort of saying it’s an accident right now because you don’t need that. Spitting on someone is disgusting, really low behavior and if Drew Doughty and the Kings accept that, I’m glad to hear that because the kid looks like an unbelievable player and you don’t want him to be associated with doing anything like that and your sport to be associated with doing anything like that, I’m glad to hear that it sounds like everybody accepts this is an accident.”

8:22AM: Following K’Andre Miller’s ejection for spitting last night, Andy Strickland tweeted that he is hearing that Miller will likely receive the same three game suspension as Garnet Hathaway did in his November 2019 incident with Erik Gudbranson.

TSN’s Craig Button said “absolutely he’s going to face supplemental discipline. Garnet Hathaway got suspended for three games and I would expect it to be for three games because it was blatant, rude, unnecessary and absolutely not place for it.”

Doughty said after the game, “It’s unfortunate and whether or not he meant to do that, I have no idea but it’s a pretty big loogie on my face so I was pretty pissed.” (The Athletic)

Gerard Gallant said after the game, “I didn’t see nothing, honestly. Obviously, it happened, I’m not saying it didn’t happen. The kid feels bad about it and said it was an accident. That is all. I didn’t see nothing, I couldn’t see nothing. Like I said, I’m not saying it happened or didn’t happen, I didn’t see it, couldn’t see it on the video, but he didn’t deny it, I don’t think.”

The match penalty given to Miller is automatically reviewed by the NHL.