2022-23 Rangers Regular Season

What Gerard Gallant said after the win over Nashville

Gerard Gallant met with the media following the win over Nashville and said (NYR, MSG):

  • That was a fun one, “It should have been fun, but it’s not easy, those games like that. They are tough and you just want to make sure that the guys keep playing well and I was really, 6-0 and you want to keep doing the right things and you don’t want to embarrass people. I thought our guys did an excellent job, they worked hard, played the game the right way and I was proud of those guys, honestly.”

  • What is the message when the game gets out of hand like that, “That is what it is, you gotta keep playing hard and, again, no one wants to run the score up on the other team. They had a lot of young defensemen out there tonight, but you still gotta play the game hard and do the right things and I thought the guys did a perfect job of it.”
  • Is this the type of offensive you envisioned after the trades, “definitely. It’s really coming together the last couple of games. What I liked about tonight more than the other night is we didn’t give up many scoring chances. Jaro had to make some great saves in the first period and then a couple of other saves over the next two periods, but I thought he did a great job in the first and after that I thought we really shut it down and played the game the right way and didn’t give up many d-zone chances like we did against Pittsburgh. It was a real good game offensively, but I thought the defensive game and the management of the puck was real good for our group tonight.”
  • On the defense corps, “I thought they were outstanding tonight, did a great job tonight. Real good gaps, moved the puck, nothing cute, played the game the right way. For me, tonight, I can’t remember a game we played that well.”
  • On The Kid Line getting more minutes, “they deserved it tonight and I like to see them take it. It’s not about me giving it to them, it’s about them taking it and they deserved it. The game got out of hand and everybody pretty much played the same ice time, but they really played good and deserved it and took it, that was their best game in a while.”
  • On K’Andre Miller’s offensive game, “he’s coming every game and obviously tonight’s game with K’Andre was outstanding. But, again, he wasn’t cheating the defensive side of the game and he made his rushes and made his plays and put pucks to the net. I thought he was outstanding tonight and four points in one period is something else for him.”