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What was being said about Gerard Gallant said on Wednesday

5/4/23 | Arthur Staple confirms that Drury and Gallant “got heated” after the Rangers loss in Game 4. (The Athletic)

Staple says that Gallant has been on the hot seat since the Rangers were eliminated and “even a bit before the postseason.” (The Athletic)


5/3/23 | 5:41 PM: EJ Hradek said on NHL Network “when they struggled in November, there was one source that told me that they had been making calls for a couple of other coaches and I hear that they are very, very interested in Joel Quenneville.

Gerard Gallant said on Wednesday that he has yet to speak with Chris Drury and when asked about his future said (NHL Network, NHL.com):

“Like I just said, I think we average 108 points in two years, I think that was excellent. We had a great first season, lost to the Stanley Cup defending champions in the semi-finals, this year we lost in the first round. Did I have a tough two weeks, did we have a tough two weeks? Yea, but besides that I can’t believe I have to answer some of these questions about me getting let go or getting fired brought up by the media, disappointing.”

“I got no reason to think anything besides what people put out there, I read the same things, see the same posts and all that, but nobody from this organization told me. I’m coming in here from what I think is two excellent years We had one bad week and it cost us. If I can’t stand by my record, what I’ve done, I think there’s something wrong. I think it’s pretty good, and not just the record here, the record moving forward. But we’re in New York and people put things out there and it’s fine, I’ll get over it.”

Jacob Trouba was asked about his relationship with Gerard Gallant sand said (NYR), “umm, I think it’s good. I think….I think he’s a guy that players respect, obviously he’s played and been through a lot of different situations as a player and as a coach. Umm…Yea, he’s a guy that I think players enjoy playing for.”

Barclay Goodrow said of Gallant (NYR), “it’s been good. He’s a coach that kind of lets you go out there and do your thing. Not only as a coach, but as a player he’s earned a lot of respect from all of us and everyone through hockey. He’s been good.”