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Joel Quenneville WILL NOT be a candidate to replace Gerard Gallant

Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that Joel Quenneville will not be a candidate to replace Gerard Gallant.

Quenneville has not been reinstated and Gary Bettman said on Friday that “at the appropriate time there will need to be some discussion about where things have been and where things are and whether or not it’s appropriate to return.”


Quenneville has been linked to the Rangers throughout the rumor process surrounding Gerard Gallant’s firing.

Brooks says that there is no “obvious contender” who is above the other candidates and says that “it is clear” that the Rangers need structure and a “coach who combines motivational abilities with X’s-and-O’s technical prowess.” (NY Post)

Brooks says that it is unclear whether someone like Patrick Roy, who played with and won a Stanley Cup with Chris Drury in Colorado, “would be in the mix now.” (NY Post)

Former Rangers goalie and ESPN and NHL Network analyst tweeted a picture of Roy with “NYC NYRangers?” after the announcement for Gallant was made.

Adam Rotter: It is a little surprising that Quenneville won’t be a candidate, but it’s not surprising that the Rangers put it out very quickly that he won’t be. I thought Quenneville made the most sense from a hockey standpoint, but there was going to be massive PR blowback and there were also questions about when Gary Bettman would decide to actually reinstate him. A lot of people think that v won’t make any decision on Quenneville until after the Stanley Cup Final and that is a long time for the Rangers to wait, especially if it ends up that Bettman decides not to reinstate him.

Patrick Roy is most certainly an interesting candidate for tons of reasons. He was a winner in his playing career, he won with Drury, he won the Jack Adams in his first year with Colorado, he’s had success as a coach in juniors and because he bailed on Colorado just weeks before the 2016-17 season. Roy also coached against and praised Alexis Lafreniere when he was about to go #1. He’d probably be the biggest boom/bust candidate.

But with Quenneville out, my first instinct is still to think that Peter Laviolette makes the most sense.