2023-24 Training Camp

Peter Laviolette on Lafreniere, Trouba and trying new lines

Peter Laviolette met with the media on Wednesday and spoke about certain topics (NYR):

  • On the next couple of days, “full speed ahead tomorrow, tomorrow will be more testing and we’ll start to really ramp into systems and more of the practice mode two days from now.”

  • With a game on Sunday, do you have to hit the ground running, “I think that two days from now, when we really get into the practice, we’re going to work on pushing the pace and getting the guys moving. We’ll get into a lot of the systems going one way and the second day we’ll get a lot of the systems coming back the other way. The objective for me going into that game, because it’s only a few days into camp and it’ll be a mixed lineup in that first exhibition game, but you still want to work on the game and systems. When we get to that we’ll have touched on a good majority of what we want to and how we want to look on the ice. I guarantee that it won’t be perfect, but it’s a starting point to coach from there and get better at.”
  • On getting to know the players, “…there is not a lot that you can do, it’s not like you can get on the ice and work with players it’s about reaching out and establishing a relationship. I talked to all the players here last year, I tried to talk to a lot of players, a lot of staff. I had a lot of really good conversations with Jacob Trouba, I thought that was really important. Between meetings, casual meetings in my office or going to dinner and spending time, I already knew him already, but starting that process, leadership groups that we can start to get into now that we’re back on the clock and working. I’m really looking forward, it’s a great group of guys, human beings and hockey players.”
  • The leadership group is not expected to change, but he will keep an eye out to see who else is stepping up as a leader.
  • On the lines, “two days from now there are going to be lines that come out and it won’t be the same the next day. I want to look at different parts and pieces in training camp and see if there is any connection with any of the players and give players opportunity to show what they can do in different situations. Same thing holds true for the exhibition games, we’re going to put players in spots to prove and give a chance to earn what they want to earn in training camp and they’ll get those opportunities in practice and exhibition games and we’re hoping that people push forward and rise to the top and grab those opportunities and run with them. It’ll change in training camp and I want to be wide open coming in here with what I see and evaluate it from that standpoint.”
  • Will Lafreniere be on the left or ride side, “He’s going to play some on the right side. I’m going to give him looks on the right side.”
  • Do you see Lafreniere starting on the right side, “I do. That is not to say that he might not move back to the left, but yes, to answer your question, he’ll be on the right side to start training camp.”
  • On Lafreniere on the right side and what you need to see, “I did have conversations with him, it’s not like I did it blindly. I had conversations with him about playing the offside and he expressed to me that he is comfortable with that and looks forward to that opportunity. I’m looking forward giving it to him to see what he can do. Again, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to see him on the left side in camp either, but when we do get into lines in two days he’ll be on the right side.”
  • On Trouba, “My conversations with him have been excellent. I knew him from before as well, he’s a really good leader. He has a good voice in the locker room, I believe that his daily habits are excellent, the conversations with him, he cares deeply about his teammates, about the team, striving for success for this team and those are the qualities that you want in a captain, somebody who cares about their teammates, someone who leads by example, willing to face adverse situations and be the guy that says something or does something or can right the ship and he certainly has those qualities for him. My time coaching him before was short, I do know him, the conversations with him have been excellent and I’m really looking forward to working with him.”