2023-24 Rangers Regular Season

What Peter Laviolette said after the loss to Columbus

Peter Laviolette met with the media following the loss to Columbus and said (MSG):

  • “Tough game, funny game, tough game. I wish we were a little bit..it wans’t a volume of defensive things, but there were some issues for me that could have been better prior to their fifth goal where we are pressing, pressing, pressing there was some odd-man rushes I didn’t like and some things that snuck back in there that we gotta take out. It wasn’t overwhelming amounts of it but the ones we didn’t take charge of they came back the other way and bit us. Offensively I thought we pushed the entire game, especially in the third and just couldn’t seem to get it in.”

  • On Jenner’s goals coming around the net, “I think it’s a combination of both. I think we gotta do a better job of tying up sticks, blocking shots from those areas and that is why you unload pucks from the point and try to get people back to the front of the net so it creates some havoc and opportunities can come off of those redirects. Even if it doesn’t go in, it can hit the goalie in a funny way and bounce out for a rebound. We were trying to do the same thing and didn’t have as much success getting our sticks on pucks and I just think we can do a little bit better job of getting a body directly in front of the goaltender as well.”
  • On the disallowed goals in the first period, “I thought all the calls were right. It is what it is. I’ve never seen it, but they made the right calls.”
  • On the offense, “I thought we could have executed a little bit better tonight, there is one in the offensive zone. There is a lot of good things we did in the offensive zone tonight, we did have movement, we tried to generate and expose one puck and it hit a skate and they didn’t score off of it, but it put us back in the defensive zone. A little bit more flueky than careless because I think we were trying to do the right thing and when we went to execute it went off the toe of his skate and went back down. I think we could have done some things, once we were back there, a couple of things better defensively, boxing out at the net and tying up a stick, boxing out, blocking a shot, that sort of thing. I don’t think there was a lot of it, but the ones that did there was a couple that hurt us.”
  • On Lindgren’s status and his presence being missed, “that would be an excuse. I like the lineup we had dressed tonight. He’s upper body, day to day and evaluated when we get back home. I thought our guys, I don’t think that had anything really to do with the game.”
  • On Vesey coming in for Pitlick, “Nobody had played poorly to come out of the lineup and I didn’t want anybody sitting for long stretches for no reason and we’re going to need everybody.”