2023-24 Rangers Regular Season

What Peter Laviolette said after the win over Columbus

Peter Laviolette met with the media following the win over Columbus and said (MSG):

  • “That was a wild one for sure. I just thought the guys, inside of the game that wasn’t going our way for most of the night went out in the third period and really delivered hard to make sure that we got a point, two points and they fought and competed really hard to get that done. It was a good, hard fought win.”
  • Any update on Lindgren, “Upper body right now. We’ll evaluate.”
  • What did you think of that play, “I thought they had the right call originally. There was something going on through the course of the game with both of those guys and his elbow clearly took him in the head.”

  • On getting two points after those calls went against you, “that is why I’m saying… Columbus played hard tonight. They understand where they are at and what they need to do and I thought they came out and competed really hard, but I thought in the third period our guys just kept pushing. We found ourselves down and the game hadn’t gone the way you might want it to go and guys get on the attack and kept pushing and it came down to the last few seconds but we were able to tie it up and get it into a shootout. “
  • On picking Lafreniere for the shootout, “He seems to be in a good spot right now. There are quite a few guys that have a decent shooting percentage with regards to shootout on our team and it did bump up a few slots for him the way he’s been playing as of late.
  • On Lafreniere’s success, “I think that any time you can have impact in a game you can gain confidence from that, it’s not just him too, it’s…I thought Vinny in the middle was unbelievable. Bread, Panarin is playing terrific with his game right now and when they are on the ice good things are happening all the time and sometimes that is easier to feed into in the offensive zone when you are generating chances and you start to feel it a little bit and with that you can gain confidence and that is a positive thing.”
  • On calling the timeout late, “It was more a breather, those are things that are talked about before we get to that situation. I think everybody knew the plan but they had been out there for a little bit and those guys played a lot of minutes. We were chasing the game in the third period and then the PPs and the OT and we wanting the short bench to try and get it done. Forwards were playing 24-25-28 minutes, that is a lot of minutes and they fought to the end.”
  • On Lafreniere’s progress so far, “I probably see it a little more just being here and working with him everyday. He’s in a good spot with his linemates and his line and from a 5-on-5 standpoint they are probably our most effective line and in the offensive zone and generating chances constantly and so they’ve done a really good job of establishing that offensive zone identity. I think that with that you start to see the confidence and growth.”