What David Quinn said after the Rangers loss to Detroit

David Quinn met with the media following the Rangers loss to Detroit on MSG and said:

  • On the game, “a couple of big mistakes on their two goals. One of the things that has been a problem all year is that we just don’t have much of an attack mode in the offense zone, we are too perimeter, we don’t shoot enough pucks and we don’t anticipate attacking the net. It’s tough to score goals in this league if you aren’t going to have an attack mindset, once you have an advantage in the offensive zone you need to take advantage of it, you can’t stickhandle and stay on the perimeter and give people a chance to recover, it’s something we have continue to get better at. We don’t have enough of an attack mode to generate offense.”
  • On John Gilmour, “I liked his game and he’s played at this level before, it wasn’t his first game and I’m familiar with him from his college days. I know what kind of player he is, skates really well, thought he did some good things with the puck, made some good anticipation plays offensively, some good moments for him.”
  • On Buchnevich at the end of the game, “we want to win hockey games, we have talked about that. Our situation is what it is but when you are out there in the middle of the game you are not thinking about where you are in the standings and things of that nature, you are dialed in to the moment and want to win hockey games. You get a chance to tie the game and you want to take advantage of it, he was in the right spot, got rid of it quickly, they make a good save, I’m sure he wants to make a little bit better of a shot but I love the fact that there was anticipation to get a shot off. Strome made a nice play, we did a good job in that 6 on 5, we just couldn’t capitalize. That was really the story of the game, we had some chances, some potential Grade A’s and we didn’t get a shot off. That is something that is frustrating.”