What David Quinn said before the game against Boston

David Quinn met with the media prior to Wednesday’s game against the Bruins and said (NYR):

  • On Staal and Kreider, “they will be out today, they are getting closer but at this time of year, with the situation we are in, we are proceeding with caution.”
  • On the lineup, “Boo is out and Brickley is in.”
  • Why that decision, “Brickley has been biding his time, he’s looked good in practice, played well when he’s played and wanted to get him in.”
  • What do you like about Brickley, “he plays with an edge, goes to the net and does the things you are looking to do no matter the talent level and I think he has some offensive skill. You are getting an honest effort shift in and shift out from him, that is for sure.”
  • Is it related to playing against the Bruins, “I thought Boo had a dip in his play the other night, a bunch of things went into it.”
  • On the success the Rangers have had against the Bruins this season, “we’ve gotten great goaltending, I thought we played two pretty good hockey games against them. We came in here before the break and won a couple of games in a row and I thought our guys did a real good job of managing the situation and not looking ahead to a nine-day break and then we played a Wednesday night game against them a month and a half ago and were fortunate to win in a shootout. You are talking about one of the best teams in the league, a team as honest as there is in the league and very well coached. If you are not ready to play honest hockey you are going to be in for a long night. They may not have the flash or dash of Pittsburgh or Toronto or Tampa but they have enough of it to compliment the way that they play and it’s a very dangerous opponent.”
  • Who is in goal tonight, “Hank.”
  • Was this the plan or did Georgiev play his way out of it, “Georgiev would have had to have done something spectacular the other night to get this start and this was pretty much the plan.”
  • Has Buchnevich turned a corner, “he has certainly been much more consistent the last 5-6 weeks, he has produced offensively and there are a variety of reasons for it. I think guys grow at different times and sometimes you have to go through some ups and downs in your career before you learn. He’s playing much more honest hockey, getting to the areas he needs to get to to score goals, he’s not forcing plays offensively, he’s playing a more complete game and when you do that you are in better situations offensively and when you do that you can influence a game a lot more with how you are playing.”
  • He said that there is better understanding between you two, “I think it’s just over time and the evolution of any relationship. Any time there is a new coach there is a learning curve for the player and a learning curve for the coach. I also brushed up on my Russian so that probably helped the cause and he probably brushed up on his English a bit more. We met somewhere in the middle. (Smile)