Brendan Lemieux

How Brendan Lemieux has played with the Rangers so far

In his time with the Rangers so far, Brendan Lemieux has three goals, three assists, a minus four rating and an average of 12:22 per game in 13 games.

With Winnipeg, Lemiuex had nine goals, two assists, a plus 10 rating and averaged 7:25 per game in 44 games.

When he was first acquired, Lemieux said that he is a “hard nosed, two-way forward” that can score goals. (NYR)


He added that the player he resembles most is his father, 4x Stanley Cup winner, Claude Lemieux. (NYR)

He told Steve Serby of the NY Post, that his father’s reputation “was a credit to how hard he worked. You have to really try to be that hated. It just doesn’t happen. It’s an art.” (NY Post)

Lemiuex said that for him to play his game he needs to be “really incredible shape” and that the only way to get there is by getting a lot of ice time. (NY Post)

He said that he is someone that can play up and down the lineup and that the key for him is to remember what makes him effective. (NY Post)

David Quinn said of Lemieux on 3/9, “I had a pretty good feel for him and he comes as advertised, maybe a little bit better than I thought. When he gets in better shape, and I’ve said this a lot, he’s not a lazy guy and is out of shape, he just didn’t play that much, playing 6 minutes a night in the NHL it’s tough to stay in shape no matter what you do in skates and practice. I think he is getting in game shape. The thing I love about him is that when he comes to the bench he is exhausted because he gives an honest and full effort with every shift. That is how you get in shape in this league. I knew he had some offensive flair, he can shoot it, quick hands, I think there is an offensive element to his game.

Quinn said on 3/18, “when you come from where he came from and not playing a lot and you get all of those minutes and you see some progression and then the natural regression to not only the minutes but conditioning – gets a little tired. That trip is demanding for anybody, if you are playing 20 minutes a night all-year that is going to be a tough trip, let alone someone who hasn’t played a lot of minutes. There is a lot to like there in him as a player and I’m certainly glad we got him.”

Quinn said of Lemieux on 3/24

  • On Brendan Lemieux to the top line, “I thought he did a good job, some good things for sure, instrumental in the goal and going to the net and creating the havoc he did at the net. He’s in a role that he hasn’t been in at this level, playing with some really good players and against the other team’s top line. When you play with Zibanejad and Buchnevich you are, in all likelihood, going to see their top players, it’s a different challenge for him throughout the game.”
  • Has anything with Lemieux surprised you, “no, I didn’t know him as a player, I knew he was a hard nosed kid. I think I’m a little surprised, from a skill standpoint at what he can do, with that said, he can’t lose sight of who he is and what will allow him to have success at this level. I think his skill is a by-product of his mentality, the thing that jumped out at me was that he had nine goals in limited ice time, you knew there was some offense there and the capability to score some goals. I think there is an offensive side to his game that is untapped.”

Pavel Buchnevich said that Lemieux is an “energizer,” always in motion on the ice and talkative off the ice. (NHL.RU)