What David Quinn said prior to the game against Ottawa

David Quinn met with the media on Wednesday prior to tonight’s game against Ottawa and said (NYR):

  • Chytil, “out for today, day to day. He’s okay but not good enough to play. Might play on the weekend.”
  • On the lineup, “right now we are uncertain about Buchnevich so we will hold off on that, Gilmour is in and Freddy is out.”
  • Does Smith play forward, “yes.”
  • On Strome and Howden, “you can just see them entering the zone that there is this feeling, they want the puck, they want to be in that situation, it’s a little thing that you can tell just from their body language and how they enter the zone, with authority. If you watch that clip of Howden he is demanding the puck coming up ice and I think that when you play with confidence you want the puck more. That may seem crazy, every player wants the puck but I think that when you are feeling good and on a little bit of a role you want it even more and if you watch that clip, he is demanding that puck entering the zone.”
  • On Strome, “any time you have a guy that comes and has the success that he’s had, it’s contagious through the young players. He’s got the personality that guys are drawn too anyway, someone with his skill set and success he has had certainly impacts the young players.”
  • On wanting Henrik to get to 20 wins, “I liked his game the other night. He and I talked yesterday and I thought it was the best he’s looked in a while. It’s been a hard year for everybody and I know he has talked about his frustration level and how he thinks it has affected his play but the way he looked the other night, I want to give him another crack at it. He feels good, he’s in a good mindset and we will play him tonight.”
  • On Lundqvist staying sharp, “that is something that sometimes a player has to find out on their own, only so much people can do but they need to adapt and make adjustments to their games and he is no different from a defenseman or forward. Some forwards are put in top-six positions their whole career and then put on the 3rd or 4th line and have to adapt. Maybe they get a chance back on the top-two lines, same with a defenseman, that position is no different. Every player, no matter what stage they are in in their career has to have an adaptability to their game or they will have a hard time. I think that is what Hank is going through right now and it will be good to get him into two games in a row and like we’ve talked about, he has usually thrived on that and like I said to him yesterday, lets build on what you did on Monday and have another good night tonight.”
  • On how a player gets their confidence back, “I can’t give somebody confidence, it’s something that is earned. There is nothing like going into the corner and winning a mano-e-mano battle. I don’t care what’s been going on, you can’t lie to yourself but when you go into a corner or win a battle on the boards or anywhere on the ice, you come out of that battle with a little more swagger to your game. That is the best way to gain confidence, go out and have a good shift, sometimes it may be off a scoring chance but more often than not it’s going to come off a battle. This game presents you plenty of opportunities to get into battles and it’s human nature, it’s a battle in a small area and you win that battle, all the sudden you get that surge of confidence and it’s something you can build on. People have to earn their confidence, it’s not something that is giving to you.”
  • On Lias Andersson, “when you are physical sometimes a scrap is a byproduct of that. When you get physical you just feel good. Your overall game can benefit from that.”
  • Does Strome get down on himself, “I don’t think he gets down on himself, I haven’t seen that side of his personalty. When he does you usually talk with him and it doesn’t last long. I think everybody gets frustrated with their game at some point but he does a good job of managing it and not letting it snowball.”