Adam Fox Rangers

The latest rumors on Adam Fox, Carolina and the Rangers

4/13/19 | Larry Brooks writes that “just about everyone in the industry thinks it’s a done deal” for Fox to eventually end up with the Rangers but it’s not known how or when it might happen.

Brooks notes that the Rangers could possibly trade the second round pick they receive if Tampa Bay doesn’t win the Stanley Cup to acquire Fox.

4/6/19 | Carolina is reportedly looking for a first-round pick for Fox right now. (NY Post)


4/2/19 | On TSN’s Insider Trading, Pierre LeBrun said the following about Adam Fox: “We know that Carolina has had talks with the Rangers and that is the team we believe that Adam Fox would like to sign with but where it goes from here remains to be seen. The Rangers can’t sign him and burn the first year of his entry level contract for him there is no real urgency to get it done for them and no real urgency for the Hurricanes.”

He adds, “what is the timing of this, what is the price. The Rangers can wait a year and get him as a free agent, I can tell you this right now, if the Rangers offered a second round right now, I’m not sure Carolina would take it. I think the Hurricanes would like that low first round pick, maybe that Winnipeg first round pick that the Rangers own, maybe that would get it done. At the end of the day, don’t close the door on the idea that the Hurricanes convince Adam Fox to change his mind and sign as well, we will see where it goes.”

It was reported yesterday that Fox informed Carolina that he wasn’t likely to sign there and that a trade would be preferred.

Elliotte Friedman wrote earlier today that teams that have checked in on Fox have been told Carolina has a high price for him. (Sportsnet)

Friedman notes that many teams suspect Fox wants to join the Rangers. (Sportsnet)

Adam Rotter: The Rangers should not, and likely will not, pay a high price for Fox since they can just sign him next summer. The one situation the Rangers need to worry about is if Carolina includes Fox in a bigger trade this summer and it’s to a team that may be more appealing to him. If Fox only wants to be a Ranger then he will be a Ranger, it’s just a matter of when. Carolina is unlikely to let him go for nothing so I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s moved on the second day of the draft for a pick and maybe a minor leaguer so that they can get some level of value and the Rangers can bring another talented player to training camp. If that doesn’t work then it will just be a waiting game, similar to Kevin Shattenkirk, where everyone assumes what the end result will be, it will just take time until then.