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The Chris Kreider situation the Rangers face this summer

Chris Kreider has one-year remaining on his contract and is eligible for an contract extension on July 1.

Kreider tied his career high with 28 goals but scored 22 of them in his first 48 games and only six in his final 31.

Larry Brooks writes that an extension for Kreider would likely be around $6.5 million per season for six years. (NY Post)


He adds that if the Rangers decide not to extend Kreider it would be “incumbent” upon Jeff Gorton to move him around the draft rather than keep him for the season and trade him at the deadline. (NY Post)

David Quinn said of Kreider on breakup day, “the injury – he and I spoke about this today and he said that he should not have tried to play through it and he was pretty quiet about it to be honest but it was a hard six weeks for everybody. When you make the trades we made and the realization of our situation hit home for a lot of guys, mostly the veterans, the guys that are used to playing in the playoffs, I think it’s human nature where frustration creeps in and maybe your play suffers a little bit. I don’t think he was the only guy that experienced that.”

Jeff Gorton said on breakup day, “he had a great first half, on pace for 35/maybe 40 goals. Obviously he was hurt and not as effective and that was obvious. For the most part it was a really encouraging season for him, it’s hard to score in this league and he scored 28. I think he has been pretty consistent and he looked like he was going to have a career year and altered by injuries a bit but for the most part he had a good year.”

The Rangers reportedly had a very high price for Kreider when teams asked about him around the trade deadline.

Adam Rotter: My feeling is that Kreider will re-sign with the Rangers this summer on a deal that both sides will find fair. He was arguably an All-Star in the first half of the year before he got hurt and the Rangers made their trades. You need veterans on your roster and Kreider can lead by example, teach the young players in the way that Rick Nash taught him, and be a big part of this rebuild. My view is that if the Rangers didn’t see Kreider as part of the future than he would have been dealt at the deadline. His value, for draft picks and prospects, was highest at the deadline and the acquiring team would have had two runs in the playoffs with him. That said, it’s possible the Rangers view Kreider as someone they can move for roster players which is much tougher to do in season. Maybe the Rangers hold on to Kreider through July 1 and then make a decision on whether to extend him or trade him. Things may change for the Rangers if they are able to sign Artemi Panarin or they make other moves. I’d still bet on Kreider signing with the Rangers over him being traded but we will know for sure by training camp. The Rangers are not going to go through the rental situation again next season.