Pavel Buchnevich

What Pavel Buchnevich said about his season and the Rangers

In an interview with Russian media, Pavel Buchnevich said the following about the Rangers (Championat):

  • “I am confident in myself that I am a good hockey player.”
  • He is not a 6-7 minute a night player and that once he was given the ice time he showed what he can do.
  • He and David Quinn had a meeting later in the season where Buchnevich expressed his thoughts, Quinn said his and they reached common “denominator.” He started to play better, felt confidence from Quinn and “everything turned out. He is pleased, I am pleased.”
  • He did not want to discuss his contract status as an RFA
  • He hopes to be in the playoffs next year and not sitting at home next April.
  • He gets a similar message after every season: to get stronger and put more pucks on net.
  • He spoke with Igor Shesterkin and answered questions about the team.
  • He has been more impressed with the highlights he has seen of Kaapo Kakko than those he has seen of Jack Hughes. He notes that Hughes draws comparisons to players like Patrick Kane and puts up a lot of points but is doing so against junior players. He says that Kakko is playing against men and showing “everything.”