Chris Kreider, Chris Kreider Trade Rumors

The Chris Kreider situation is likely to heat up shortly

6/18/19 | Kreider’s agent has submitted his list of 11 teams that he would not accept a trade to. (Pierre LeBrun, Athletic)

6/17/19 | Jeff Gorton said that the Rangers were waiting to get John Davidson on board before starting “meaningful discussions” with Chris Kreider’s agent about a new contract. (NY Post)

Gorton said that “realistically” the Rangers would like to have an idea of what Kreider is looking for in a new contract before the draft. (NY Post)


Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers likely have three options for Kreider (NY Post):

  • Sign him to an extension
  • Trade him at the draft for more picks/prospects
  • Trade him for a top-pair defenseman

He notes that the idea of keeping Kreider and then trading him as a rental prior to the trade deadline is not likely to be considered. (NY Post)

Kreider has been mentioned as a possible trade chip.

He has one-year remaining on his contract, at $4.625 million, and is eligible for an contract extension on July 1.

Adam Rotter: There is no official deadline for the Rangers and Kreider but most believe we will have an answer on his future by around July 4th. I think that the Rangers preference would be to sign Kreider and keep him as a piece of the rebuild but term, no-move/trade protection, their search for a defenseman and Artemi Panarin are all factors in that. If a trade is in the cards for Kreider it’s much more likely to be a “hockey trade” where the Rangers get a roster player, probably a defenseman, in return as opposed to another deal for picks and prospects. That kind of hockey trade could be made this weekend or shortly after July 1 when free agents have signed and teams look to other options. He’s a valuable piece to the Rangers but also valuable on the trade market and the Rangers need to weigh where they can get the most value for Kreider. It’s something we will have answered in the next couple of days/weeks.