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Recap: What Jeff Gorton said about the Jacob Trouba trade

Jeff Gorton spoke with the media on Monday night following the Jacob Trouba trade and said (MSG):

  • On how this happened, “I would say that we have had a number of conversations over the last few weeks with Winnipeg about some players and Jacob’s name came up. He’s a player that we would covet, and most teams would, with what he can do and provide for you. He’s a big defenseman, 25-years old, can play against the best players, has offense, kill penalties, is in the prime of his career. The opportunity for a player like that to become available doesn’t happen all the time and we jumped on it and had conversations that led to this and here we are.”
  • On where he fits, “I think that stepping in is fairly obvious. He’s going to come here and play big minutes, he’s a pretty versatile guy and we can envision him playing in all scenarios and being a big part of it.”
  • Have you had any conversations about a contract, “I spoke to Jacob after the trade to welcome him. He’s pretty excited and thinks it will be a good fit, all of us feel that way and as far as his agent I talked to Kurt after the trade as well and we agreed to talk over the next few days.”
  • Do you have a contract ballpark, “I do, I wouldn’t share it with you but I have an idea of what I think it will take. I have my ballpark but I haven’t talked to those guys about numbers. We’ve done our research to factor in what we think it might be and what a player like that is worth so we will move forward like that and complete confidence that we can get a deal done.”
  • Does this make it more likely to use a buyout, “It’s a good question, I haven’t thought too much about it right now. I would say that I don’t have an answer, if you ask me closer to the draft I might be able to answer it better.”
  • How does this accelerate the rebuild, “I think it’s big, when we are out there trying to improve the team we are looking for players that fit into what we are doing and age is a big part of it. They have to be good players but the age of 25 and really coming into his prime and the different amount of things that Jacob can provide helps us a lot. Does it accelerate, we will see but we are getting a real good player that we have coveted for a while and it’s exciting and it fits with what we are doing and see where it takes us.”
  • Are you making moves to get back to the playoffs next year, “That is one way to look at it, we have had all of these first round picks and we talk about if we are going to use them all to make the picks or acquire players that will be around for what we want to do and this was one opportunity where, we felt we had some luck on our side to get to number two, we have other picks and just felt like this is a player who is going to be with us for a while, that is the biggest reason why we felt comfortable moving from number 20. As for more moves coming, I hope so. I hope there are more things out there, there is a lot of talk and names out there and ways to improve the team. We are excited to head to Vancouver and see what lies ahead.”
  • On Chris Kreider’s situation, “Not really, I have had conversations with his agent, short conversations just to talk about what we are thinking and when we should talk. I’ll keep that private and we will continue to talk and see how it progresses and let you know how it evolves.”
  • On having cap space, “it’s really important, and over the last few years with this rebuild is that having cap space affords you conversations you couldn’t have before. Now I think we are in conversations and talking to teams about things that maybe 3-4 years ago we weren’t able to do. There are a lot of different avenues to do this and conversations that go into this as far as eating money or spending money but having cap space is a big thing to do, a big weapon to have that gives us different looks.”
  • How important was it to make the deal before the draft, “it helps, there are a lot of things we are looking at and looking to do and want to do and this is a big one and sort of sets a tone and adds a really nice player. One of the things as we head into the summer was to improve the defense and we feel like we’ve done that today. As we head into the draft and free agency there are some other areas and different things we want to look at. We think it’s a good tone setter and feel fortunate.”
  • Did moving up to #2 allow you to trade these picks, “I think it has a positive effect. When you go into the lottery and start at six and now we are at two and the opportunity to get a special player is there for us and somebody that can walk into our lineup and contribute right away and have an impact. It plays into it, if we were still picking at six would we have still done this deal? Probably we would have. This is player that can do so much for you and it’s an opportunity we just felt we had to take.”