2019-20 Rangers Jeff Gorton

Jeff Gorton and David Quinn on the trade, Kakko, Buchnevich and more

Jeff Gorton met with the media on Tuesday and said (NYR):

  • On the Namestnikov trade, “sad to see Vlad go, he was a good Ranger for us in the little time that he was here, a versatile player, wish him luck but at this time it was a move we felt we had to make and we had some depth to take care of it, the cap room helps us moving forward.”
  • Was it about cap space and younger players, “yes, yes. It’s a combo of everything, we feel like are a deep enough group at forward where we can replace Vlad and give some other people some opportunities and at the same time the cap always factors into what we are doing.”
  • Were you trying to do this over the summer, “it’s a fair categorization to say that we tried to move some cap space in the summer, it just never really happens.”
  • On the timing of the trade, “we have all been around the league enough to know that cap space, the flexibility it provides you is important. There are teams that are pressed up against it and maybe there is an opportunity for us to take advantage of it down the road.”
  • Could you be buyers with that cap space, “we are going to play game three, so we will worry about that. We will see what happens and take care of what we can control.”
  • Was it about flexibility, “a little bit of everything, to be essentially a million dollars under the cap is tough and we have a lot of different things to think about as we prepare going forward with the cap and this opportunity came and we made the move.”
  • Was it something that was in place for a while, “we’ve been talking to Ottawa for a little bit about some of these types of deals and yesterday we acted on it. We’ve been talking for a while to teams about opportunities and how we will move forward with our cap situation and internally we’ve been talking about giving guys opportunities, so it just came to ahead yesterday.”
  • On Nick Ebert, “we assigned him to Hartford, see how he does there. He’s had success at that level and get him acclimated to the Rangers and Hartford and see how he does.”
  • Could he get called up, “I hope so, hopefully he plays well and that puts pressure on us to take notice and hopefully he can fit in here eventually.”
  • What have you liked after two games, “I like, obviously our PP looks pretty good, I thought that from game one to game two we were getting better in a lot of areas, our goaltending has been solid. A lot to like and I wish we were playing sooner than later but it is what it is.”
  • Will you call someone up, “I think for now we will go with what we have and see how it goes.”
  • Are you concerned about Kravtsov being scratched on Sunday, “no, not at all.”
  • On the cap being lower than expected, “yea, as a big market team you always maybe hope for a bigger number and it gives you flexibility and different ways to manage it but the rest of the league is dealing with it too. I think that now we are in a pretty good spot and see how it goes from there.”
  • On Kakko so far, “I think he looks really good, he’s had his opportunities. I think he looks strong and confident and good with the puck and in his own zone, I think it’s only a matter of time.”

David Quinn met with the media on Tuesday and said (NYR):

  • On the Namestnikov trade, “Vladdy did a good job for us. We feel like we have guys that will  be able to assume a little bit more responsibility. He’s a good player, a good opportunity for him.”
  • Could you make the move because of your depth, “yes.”
  • Who will step into his spot, “different guys will get an opportunity.”
  • On Chris Kreider’s role as a mentor, “over the summer, the impact he had on our organization was huge, working out with a lot of guys, half the team was staying at his house. Not only what he does on the ice but what he does away from the rink with these guys is invaluable.
  • On his history with Kreider, “we recruited him, that didn’t go well. He was on the radar. When you are at that age you don’t know the depth of what kind of leader a guy might be but I did know how well he took care of himself and the way he lived his life away from the rink, it was beneficial to the team.”
  • On Kakko and the extra practice time, “just continue to get better in practice, we don’t have a lot of bodies so there are a lot of reps in practice, I think it’s an opportunity for him to grow as a player. I liked his game the first two games, the only thing he and I talked about yesterday was don’t put too much pressure on yourself, it’s two games. I think Mika went the first nine games last year without a goal and he ended up with 30. Goal scoring can be streaky, a lot of guys who are goal scorers will go through a stretch where they are going in for no other reason then they are on a hot streak and another time where they aren’t going in for a reason you can’t really pin down. There are other aspects he is continuing to improve on. It’s the challenge for every 18-year olds, they all judge themselves on points but he will have to find ways to feel good about his performance when he doesn’t score. That is the challenge for all 18/19 year olds.”
  • Does he put too much pressure on himself to score, “I wouldn’t call it pressure but I think he wants to score, I want him to score. We are a better team when he does. It’s only two games so no one is pressing a panic button but we need to be more productive up and down the lineup offensively and there are guys who are capable of doing that.”
  • On Lias Andersson, “Lias played well the other night, it is only two games and his ice time increased a little bit. I think he will continue earn more ice time and get more ice time, that being said, we feel comfortable with our lineup right now, four lines and he will kill penalties regularly. It’s probably game to game and we have another young center in Howden playing as well. It’s probably game to game, as we have talked about repeatedly over the past two years, every situation is different. We feel him being here, and some nights he might play 10-12-8 minutes, we think that is good for his development, whereas with some other players we don’t feel it’s good for their development. Every case is different and you may ask, why is not good for Chytil and it’s because it’s a different situation for Chytil.”
  • Does the trade potentially open up a spot for a younger player, “all of that plays into these decisions.”
  • Do you want his line playing through him, “it’s too early to tell, he is a guy with an immense amount of talent. At 18, I can’t answer that just yet but I feel very comfortable with it going through Kreider or Strome.”
  • On Buchnevich’s game turning around, “I think it was gradual, when there is a coaching change and he is in the situation he is in, it’s a trust factor from a coaching staff perspective. He was trying to figure out who his new coach is, what his MO is, once he realized that our staff was geared to making him the best he could be and everything we did was in his best interest, I think he embraced it and made the proper changes that he needed to.”
  • What is he doing better, “he’s put more stock into being more than just a scorer, there are things he has to do to be a good player and help us win hockey games. He’s embraced it and once of the reasons why he was so productive offensively those last couple of months because it wasn’t just about scoring goals, it was about playing good hockey and when you have talent like that and focus on the process and playing good hockey you get rewarded from a points standpoint and that is what happened.”