2019-20 Rangers

David Quinn on this week, the second line and more

David Quinn met with the media on Thursday and said (NYR):

  • How is the team responding to this week, “I’ll let you know Saturday around 3:30. You guys are probably sick of asking the same questions, I’m sick of answering them, they are sick of practicing, we’re sick of running practice. It’s going to be good to play a hockey game.”
  • On the different ways the team has practiced, “there are things, obviously, that we need to get better at and they know it and have embraced it and we’ve changed it up during the week with the first day being more positional, took the day off, we’ve only had two full team practices and tomorrow will be a normal day before game skate so we’ve been able to change it up and not make it as monotonous.”
  • Did you get what you wanted out of splitting Skjei and Trouba, “I thought everyone was a bit better, now was that because they all played better or the pairings, I think it’s too early to tell, who knows, we have to let it play out. Maybe splitting up the two young kids and putting them with those guys made their game a bit better but we will find out.”
  • Was it more about the rookies or Skjei/Trouba, “a little bit of everything.”
  • Will McKegg replace Namestnikov, “yes.”
  • What does McKegg bring, “he plays at a pace, honest player, has had success in this league in that role. He’s coachable, you tell him something once and he does it. I think he’s been in the league long enough to know how to play to have success.”
  • What would you like to see more of from the second line, “they have to stay on top of it more, more hardness around pucks, I don’t think they have had enough zone time, for sure. Kreider has played well, Stromer and I have had some conversations, he certainly knows he has to pick his game up, he’s not happy with the way he’s played, it’s only been two games but we need more out of that line in general, more out of each guy a bit more but I’m feeling pretty good about him.”
  • More on the second line, “it starts in the D-zone, where we aren’t supporting the puck enough and when we get it we are not going north with it. There is too much hesitation, needs to be more quickness to their recognition of going north with it, and I don’t mean throw the puck north, carry it or whatever the play dictates, I just don’t think they are playing fast enough. A little too much circling, not physical around the puck enough, that is something our group needs to do a better job of, but if that line is going to be effective, because they are probably getting the other team’s top two lines, they are going to be maybe more challenged than the other lines.”