2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over Buffalo

David Quinn spoke on MSG following the Rangers win over the Sabres and said:

  • On the first period, “not just the score, the way the game was unfolding in the first period, we were doing a lot of things we hadn’t been doing for about three weeks, way more puck support, way more pace to our game, way more structure and when you do that you will have the puck more and sustain some zone time and give yourself an opportunity. We were opportunistic in the first period for sure and it was a step in the right direction. Certainly we need to learn how to manage leads and things of that nature but since we haven’t had many of them, hopefully we will continue to learn with experience.”
  • On the start, “where we were at mentally, it was a big deal to get the first goal and it certainly helps to not get two penalties in the first ten minutes, it allows you to get some rhythm in the game, guys are getting out there and that was certainly part of the equation with the last two games, you put yourself behind the eight-ball and have those kinds of starts, to get that first goal and energize the bench even moreso because, listen, they are watching too and they see what is going on and we get even more momentum because we get off to decent start and doing the things we did in practice yesterday and were rewarded for being opportunistic with the goals we got, it was a good step in the right direction.”
  • On compete level, “I give our leaders a ton of credit, they took the bull by the horns and there was certainly some heated discussions yesterday and they all looked in the mirror and realized what we needed to do. You can have all the meetings you want but you have to apply it and the practice is as good a practice as we had had in a while, great mental and physical purpose to the practice and it was only a half hour but when it ended I think they felt good about the things we worked on the last half of the practice and it carried over.”
  • On not crumbling when Buffalo scored, “that is a good sign, we responded every time and I thought we did the things we hadn’t been doing more often but we let some of our old habits creep in – not old habits, 48 hours ago – we let some of those habits creep in and risk/reward changes when you are playing with a three goal lead. Any puck coming to the middle of the rink there has to be more certainty when you have a three-goal lead and I didn’t think we did a great job with that but good enough.”
  • On line balance, “I was encouraged by a lot of things tonight, moreso with individual performances, I thought guys were dialed in and a lot more purpose and support in all three zones, the guy who had the puck had people to pass it to which hasn’t been the case too often in the past two weeks. It wasn’t just the lines, a lot of guys came here with a purpose tonight. I guess the line changes had something to do with it but I was more impressed with some individuals mental approach to the game.”
  • On Strome and Howden, I thought those two played very well tonight, really strong nights.”
  • On DeAngelo, “he’s got a ton of offensive instincts, he’s a guy that that when the puck is on his stick, and I don’t think I’m over exaggerating this, there aren’t a lot of guys in this league that have his vision and the way he can find people, his deception and he has a great sense of when to jump into the play, especially from the offensive blue line and it’s nice to see him get rewarded for it.”
  • Where does Strome fit in the number two center conversation, “I don’t think it’s just tonight, I think he has been progressively getting better as the season has gone on, I think his last few games you can say that he is one of the guys who had a pretty good night or not that bad of a night with the way we played in the last two games. I like where his game is at for sure.”