2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the loss to Vegas

David Quinn spoke on MSG after the loss to Vegas and said:

  • On the start and game, “we just weren’t ready to play at that pace from the start, we looked sluggish from the get-go and take that penalty and give up that easy goal to start. The one thing that I did like, from probably around the 11-minute mark, we played a pretty good second half of the period, had some chances to get back in. Started the second period well and just gave them a gift and it changed the momentum of the game.”
  • On the 3-0 goal, “it’s just bad reads. I didn’t like our mentality, we were too risk oriented, we just did not play a sound, structured game and fueled their offense, it was too much of a pond hockey feel in a lot of ways.”
  • How do you move forward defensively, “we’ve either been good or really bad and you look at our goals against and things of that nature and our season statistics can be a little skewed because we give up 9 here and 6 there and 6 there and then play some pretty good games defensively and then have a night like tonight where we probably give up 25-30 scoring chances. It’s a mindset, something we have to completely buy into that night in and night out we have to be committed to playing the right way and playing defense. I didn’t think our d-corp was really all-in from a defending standpoint and we were too offensive driven.”
  • On the PP, “we will think about changing it up.”
  • What didn’t work on the PP, “we didn’t score. We did have some looks and didn’t take advantage of our opportunities.”