What David Quinn said after the win over Anaheim

David Quinn spoke after the win over the Ducks and said (NYR Game Notes):

  • On Filip Chytil, “I think Fil is going to be fine.”
  • On the game, “it was certainly a great start for us and I loved how we managed the game. It’s still 3-1 but we were doing a lot of good things. They are depleted, they played yesterday, they played hard but it was one of those nights where we had a lot of energy. We were a little pissed off after what happened against Toronto and I thought we came with a purpose right from the get-go. I really like how we managed the game.”
  • On Brett Howden, “I liked a lot of his game, he played with a lot of energy. In all three zones he did a lot of good things.”
  • On shooting more, “yes, but I could go through about 20 instances where we should have shot the puck. We are getting better, we are not going to get to where we need to be over night, it’s a process but we are shooting the puck more which will be helpful.”
  • On secondary scoring, “I just liked the pace of our game, some of our goals were going north, we weren’t slowing down to go east/west. I’m not saying you can’t make cross ice passes and seam plays, you have to do that, but what you have to do is set a tone that you are going to play fast and go north and from that you can create space going east/west. We get into into trouble when we get a puck and are looking to go east/west before we are moving and playing at a pace. I thought we were better in that area and those two guys (Chytil and Howden) in particular.”
  • On Chytil an Howden, “it’s always good to score. I can stand here and talk about backchecking and d-zone coverage and all of those things but at the end of the day guys want to score, and we want them to score, so it’s good to see them get rewarded.”
  • On Chris Kreider, “he has elevated his game for sure and I really like that line. That line has been very effective and were by far our best line against Toronto, I just thought they continued doing the things they were doing in that game tonight.”
  • On the Lemieux misconduct, “I would have liked to avoid putting him in that position, he’s a very important player for us. He plays a hard game, with an edge, we miss him when he’s not out there. I wish he would have avoided that situation and I know that officiating is difficult, I just wish he’d get treated a little differently than he has been. I just want all of our players to be treated equal and sometimes it doesn’t seem that way.”
  • On Henrik, “I thought he played very well. Yesterday during practice he looked dialed in, I knew he was going to have a good night tonight.”
  • Are you tempted to go back to Hank tomorrow, “yes, but I haven’t made that decision yet though. Certainly on the table.”
  • On Chytil’s game, “he’s a much harder player this year than he was last year, harder on pucks, above the puck when he should be, below when he should be, more of a complete game for him. His intentions are in a different area, he’s got a great skill set and he can really skate and when he comes through the neutral zone he can keep people on their heels and the thing we really like, he’s done a much better job of battling around pucks, winning puck battles, getting to battles quicker than he did last year. It’s a big reason why he’s got 9 goals already.”
  • Have you talked with him about Czech hockey, “yea, that was more last year. It’s been all Ranger hockey since then but it’s an exciting time for them, they are hosting the World Juniors this year so I’m sure he will have a keen eye on that tournament. I think he’s aged out of that finally.”
  • On games going into breaks, “it’s big and we can’t hide from how big this game is. We want to make the playoffs, we talk about setting goals for ourselves and making the playoffs and it’s a big game. It’s a four-point game and we were reeling a bit before tonight and three days off after this one. It’s a big game, every division game is a big game and getting deeper into the season these points are more valuable.”
  • On shorthanded goals and Mika, “he’s got great instincts for one, he senses when there is an opportunity to strike from a penalty killing standpoint. We get in trouble when we think about scoring a shorthanded goal as opposed to just killing a penalty and letting it happen. I thought we did a a much better job tonight. We weren’t looking for a shorthanded goal but it happened because we were quick to pucks, moving as the puck was moving, in shooting lanes and made them uncomfortable. When you do those things you will get a chance because they are thinking offense.’