2019-20 Rangers

Henrik Lundqvist in net against the Flyers

6:32PM: The Rangers will have the same lineup as yesterday, Kaapo Kakko will miss the game. (NYR)

Filip Chytil will play. (NYR)

On playing Lundqvist, David Quinn said “I’m not afraid to play him back-to-back and he deserves the opportunity.” (NYR)


On Brett Howden playing the wing, Quinn said “I really liked him on the wing, I thought it freed him up from a responsibility standpoint, played with a bit of an edge, the goal gives you some confidence and he got it early which propelled him to have a real good game. When you play with confidence, pace and an edge you have a chance to have success but I liked his game on the wing.” (NYR)

Will he stay there when Kakko comes back, “it’s certainly an option.” (NYR)

On young player development and expectations, Quinn said “it’s hard to be a young player in this day and age. Our league has really created a situation where young players are probably forced into it probably sooner than they should and it’s nobody’s fault, certainly not the players fault and sometimes that can skew expectations. This isn’t just about Lias, it’s about all the young players in this league and it’s not just about our organization. The game has changed so much in the last 10-years because of social media and not only do you feel pressure when you get drafted from yourself and organization but all the sudden you start reading blogs and the internet and things of that nature, we are all human beings and you are affected by what you read and it’s difficult to be a young player in this league and hockey in general.” (NYR)

On handling player emotions, “there is a balancing act of when to coddle and massage a situation and firm and demanding, that is a balancing act that every organization faces.” (NYR)

5:35PM: Henrik Lundqvist is in net for the Rangers against the Flyers tonight. (NYR)

Lundqvist stopped 19 of 20 shots yesterday against the Ducks.