2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over Carolina

David Quinn met with the media on MSG following the win over Carolina and said:

  • On Carolina’s overturned goal in the second, “I thought we were doing a pretty good job killing the penalty and then back to back we get another one and you can only fend them off for so long. It gave us a breather because it took a little while for it to get reversed but we collected ourselves a little bit and we get that all important third one. Really a big momentum change in the game and Jerry Dineed and Sam Kelly earned their money tonight.”
  • On the PP scoring, “You get it right out of the gate and it’s nice. The second one wasn’t pretty but when you throw a puck to the net and get a bounce…I thought we had some good looks on that unit. Special teams were the story of the game, we get two and our PK was huge.”
  • On what happens behind the scenes when you challenge, “right away they radioed down and said it was offisdes and we are looking on the monitor on the floor but it’s not too clear…have to talk to the Garden about getting a clearer view of that. It was pretty convincing from Jerry and Sam’s standpoint that it was offsides and it looked like it from our angle as well.”
  • On Kreider and Zibanejad, “Mika was outstanding tonight, Kreids is continuing to play really well, I thought Buchie had a better night playing on that line. Some big performances by our big players.”
  • On the PK early, “you go down 2-0 coming back from Christmas and all the sudden you lose a little bit of energy but those kills were huge and our kill was good tonight and gave us a chance to get a PP goal right away on that PP. We held the momentum after that, our second half of the first was better than the first.”
  • What was it about the PK, “I think in general our kill has been good. I’ve touched on this since the debacle in Florida, our kills have been pretty good, we’ve been more aggressive, our sticks have been good, clears have been good. We lead the league in shorthanded goals which never hurts. You look at the year and where you are at and you want to be higher but I don’t really care where we look on the year, I want to know how we look right now and we have had a pretty effective PK.”
  • On playing Carolina, “They are a dangerous team, deep, physical, Hank has played great against them. We played pretty well tonight, the penalties, they shoot from everywhere, they have a great D-corp, their D is high end and they get pucks to the net and play with a snarl. They are a touch matchup for for everybody, some things you can’t really explain. We are 3-0 against them this year, Hank stole one down there, the last time we played them we were playing well until we took a bad penalty and the momentum changed…each game has it’s own story and we just managed to get out of it with two points.”
  • On the things Panarin does, “The thing I liked, we got pucks behind their D. They are very aggressive on the offensive blue line. For a large chunk of the game we did a really good job, our wall play was good, we got pucks behind them, our slash support and coming over, our controlled breakout and some chances off of that and there was a lot of good tonight.”
  • On Lemieux and Skjei’s minutes, “Lemieux fractured his hand, he will be out. That is a tough one to swallow for us.”