Igor Shesterkin

Igor Shesterkin will start against Colorado

4:24PM: David Quinn spoke after practice today and said (NYR):

  • On Shesterkin, “you are talking about a guy who is incredibly athletic, mentally tough, embraces the challenge nightly to do everything he can to make sure his team can win a hockey game.”
  • On why Shesterkin was called up, “I just think it’s a natural progression. When you have a guy playing as well as he was in the AHL you call him up and give him an opportunity. Because of his position it’s probably taken longer than it should have, if you have a defenseman or forward doing the things he was in the AHL he would have been up a lot sooner. We are also not talking about a 19-year old, he’s 24. All that stuff plays a factor.”
  • Can you carry three goals long-term, “we are just taking it day by day and that is all we have really thought about, the present. We aren’t worried about three weeks or three months from now. Right now we have three goalies.”
  • Have you talked to Henrik, “I have not, I haven’t had a chance to yet today but Benny has talked to him and I’ll talk to both him and Georgie.”
  • Did Shesterkin’s play force this move, “yea, that is certainly a big piece of it. He played his way into this opportunity. It has nothing to do with Hank or Georgie. Those guys have really given us a chance most nights and it’s really more about Igor. Taking subjectivity out of it, that is what you want all players to do.”
  • Does having 3 make it hard to keep everyone sharp, “it will be a challenge for sure but we will manage it.”

1:29PM: Igor Shesterkin will make his NHL debut tomorrow as the starting goalie when the Rangers host the Colorado Avalanche. (Gorman)

Shesterkin was called up earlier today and this season in the AHL has posted a record of 15-4-3, a 1.93 GAA, .932 save percentage and 3 shutouts.


Henrik Lundqvist will be the back up for Shesterkin tomorrow. (Brooks)