Ryan Lindgren

Ryan Lindgren will have a hearing for his hit on Donskoi last night

9PM: The NHL Department of Player Safety determined that Lindgren would not receive discipline.

They tweeted, “While there was significant head contact on this play, Lindgren took a proper angle of approach, did not extend outward or upward and hit through Donskoi’s core. Therefore, under Rule 48.1 (i), the head contact was determined to be unavoidable.

10:08AM: The NHL’s Department of Player Safety has announced that Ryan Lindgren will have a hearing on Wednesday for an illegal check to the head of Jonas Donskoi in last night’s first period.


Lindgren was not penalized on the play.

Colorado coach Jared Bednar said after the game that he hadn’t talked to the trainers but “news isn’t good if he didn’t come out for the rest of the game. I watched the replay, shoulder right to his jaw and his cheek, no call, so we have to take care of it ourself and that is what we did.”

The NHL’s Time on Ice sheet lists Donskoi as playing an eight second shift in the second period last night. That is the only time he played after suffering the hit.