Larry David wasn’t happy Kakko was benched in Calgary

1/9/20 | On Thursday, David Quinn was asked about David’s comments and while laughing said “listen, I’ve watched a few bad Seinfelds and Curbs, but I still love Larry David and his work.” (NYR)

1/8/20 | On Tuesday, Larry David was on The Michael Kay Show and said the following about the Rangers:

  • “I’m really into the Rangers this year.”
  • Don La Greca says he’s calling the game on Tuesday, “I wish I could go, but we have this event.”
  • When did you get so dialed into the Rangers, “are you serious? Always. By the way, I couldn’t watch the first two periods of the Messier game, I was too nervous. I was so nervous for that Devils Rangers game that I couldn’t watch it.”
  • Why did you turn it on in the third, “I had to check in. They were losing and I thought that at this point it doesn’t matter.”
  • While discussing that he roots for both the Mets and Yankees and Jets and Giants, unless they are playing, Larry says that rooting for both the Rangers and Islanders is “different. That I don’t get. They are playing 20 times a year, that is a whole different thing.”
  • Larry changes subjects and says, “why did he bench Kakko in that third period. First goal in 14 games, and an assist and he benches him because he took a bad penalty? Come on, that is ridiculous. You think that putting him on the bench, you don’t think he knows he took a bad penalty? He knows, benching him isn’t going to do anything, they need another goal.”