2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over the Isles

David Quinn spoke on MSG following the Rangers win over the Islanders and said:

  • On being physical, “If we are going to have success we have to combine that element to our game along with playing fast and we did a good job of that. We recovered from a poor start obviously and giving up a goal that quickly but after the first 4-5 minutes we got our legs under us and established the tempo that we needed. You can’t underestimate what Smith and Haley did for us too. We are not an overly big team but those guys mean an awful lot to us and we had everyone pulling in the right direction tonight.”
  • On Panarin, “every now and then he one-ups himself and he did that again tonight. Right when you think you have seen it all, he just puts so many great things out there for us. We talked about it when we signed him over the summer, everyone stands a little taller and put their chest out a little further and have a little more swagger, but I think he is giving us a lot more than that, that is for sure.”
  • On Jesper Fast, “he is a guy that can play in a lot of different situations. He really settled that line down with Strome and Panarin, gives them a lot of stability and he can contribute offensively because he goes inside and create some space for those guys and do the dirty work. He means so much to us because he gives us something we don’t have a lot of.”
  • On the importance of the game, “it’s huge, as we have touched on, we are getting deeper in the season, if we want to achieve our goal we can’t let many nights slip through our fingers. It doesn’t mean you will win every night but you want to give yourself a chance, lately we have been doing a better job of that. Tonight was a huge test for us, from St. Louis to the Islanders you are talking about teams that can really play defense and take away time and space and I thought we did a better job than we did in St. Louis.”
  • On Adam Fox’s goal, “I thought that after the first five minutes of the first period we really doing a good job of spending time in the offensive zone, establishing a forecheck and getting some puck movement and movement in the offensive zone. It’s 2-1, you want to up the ante and it certainly gives you some breathing room but then they made a great push, that last five minutes of the second they really pushed and we withstood a barrage a bit. I was really proud of our third period, not just the goals, but our approach was mature and it’s a good sign.”
  • On the fights, “those are two guys that play with an edge, Haley moreso than Smitty but in the time that I’ve been here, Smitty certainly hasn’t been afraid to do those types of things. For us it had an effect.”
  • Do they take it upon themselves to do it, “yea, those guys have been around for a long time and know how the game operates.”
  • Did the fights help the team catch their breath, “yea, we were a little dead starting the game. A little shell shocked when you give up a goal 18-seconds into the game and I think we were a little stunned and it might have ignited us a bit.”
  • On Georgiev, “he made some key saves when we needed it.”
  • Is it tempting to start him on Thursday, “yes, it is tempting.”
  • On the end of the third with the fights, “Any time you play three games in a week emotions will carry over but that being said, we have to play hockey. In a game that gets out of hand on the scoreboard a little bit that can happen but there are two teams fighting for points, two competitive teams and we have an awful lot of respect for those guys.”