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Where things stand with the Rangers and the trade deadline (Updates)

2/13/20 | 2:27PM: Larry Brooks said on the NY Post Rangers podcast, “The Kreider thing now is essentially going to become a negotiation between the Rangers and Kreider’s party. I think the Rangers want to keep Kreider, I think they have come to the spot where they believe in the next couple of years that they could be a much better team with Chris than whatever they are able to get back for him but it’s going to become a contract negotiation. (NY Post)

2/12/20 | 8:02PM: On NBCSN, Bob McKenzie said “there have been negotiations in the last week to 10 days. The fact that they are talking, has created this, I wouldn’t want to call it a sense of optimism, that might be too strong, but there is that feeling out there. Kreider is on fire, this is a guy they really need for the short-term and long-term in New York, maybe they can get a deal done and maybe they can, but maybe they can’t. It really depends on Kreider, the number of years that he wants, the dollars that he wants and how realistic it is. They are getting offers on Kreider, they are going to be really good offers, and a dual track program and going down one track of negotiating to see if they can come up with a deal and going down the other track and negotiating with other teams as to what they could get if they traded him, too soon to say which way it’s going to go.”

2:51PM: Elliotte Friedman writes at Sportsnet that contract talks are “underway” with Kreider but the Rangers are continuing to do their “due diligence” on his trade value.


2/11/20 | 9:09PM: On TSN’s The Quiz, the options offered for a potential Chris Kreider trade were Florida, St. Louis, Washington, Boston or Colorado. Dave Pouiln chose Colorado, Jeff O’Neil chose Florida and Bob McKenzie chose St. Louis in a coin flip over Boston.

6:45PM: On TSN’s Insider Trading, Bob McKenzie said:

  • “There have been contract negotiations between Matt Keator, the agent for Chris Kreider and Rangers GM Jeff Gorton and because they have had these talks finally and gotten it going there seems to be, maybe, this growing sense of optimism that Kreider might come off the trade bait board and sign an extension with the Rangers. I think optimism is too strong a word, is it possible, sure, but it’s also going to be difficult for the Rangers to meet what Chris Kreider is looking for. What we have is dual tracks, the contract negotiations going on over here, trade talk going on over here and it still could very much go either way. What we do know is that if Chris Kreider stays, some combination of Pavel Buchnevich, Ryan Strome and Tony DeAngelo, RFAs, would have to go, if not by the deadline than in the offseason.”
  • “The Rangers are believed to be continuing to take calls on trading Alex Georgiev, whether that happens by the deadline or the summer, it’s looking for a lot of people like maybe the summer would be the time to resolve the three headed monster in New York.”

11AM: TSN has the following Rangers listed on their latest trade bait board:

  • 1: Chris Kreider
  • 8: Tony DeAngelo
  • 12: Pavel Buchnevich

Kreider has remained at #1 through the entire season.

Alex Georgiev, ranked 17th in last week’s Trade Bait list, was not listed this time. Georgiev was ranked 5th in the 1/21 list.

Craig Custance has Kreider at #1 on his NHL Trade Deadline Big Board and writes that while there are 7-8 teams with “serious interest” in Kreider, “there appears to be momentum for him staying in New York, especially if the rental market remains lukewarm.” (The Athletic)

Georgiev was ranked 12th by Custance. (The Athletic)

In Custance’s first Trade Deadline Big Board from January 8th, Kreider was ranked 1st, Georgiev 11th and DeAngelo 15th. (The Athletic)

Custance also added in that 1/8 article that Ryan Strome “could likely be had at the right price.” (The Athletic)

Rick Carpiniello lists, in addition to Kreider and Georgiev, Jesper Fast, Ryan Strome, DeAngelo, Brady Skjei and Pavel Buchnevich as players that could be available depending on other moves that are made. (The Athletic)

Carpiniello write that he thinks Jeff Gorton and the Rangers will make “multiple trades” prior to the deadline. (The Athletic)

The trade deadline is 2/24 at 3PM.

Adam Rotter: The focus heading into the deadline is mostly focused on Kreider as a pending UFA and Georgiev because of the Rangers three-goalie situation. Many around the NHL believe that Jesper Fast will re-sign with the Rangers prior to the deadline and that is why, despite playing with Artemi Panarin and his ability to play up and down the lineup, he isn’t mentioned much as a rental.

The Rangers have no shortage of suitors for Kreider and will likely have their price met (at least a young/prospect forward, first round pick) if they decide to trade him. The Rangers prefer not to move Kreider but short and long-term it just may not work with the cap and the amount of money allocated to two LWs.

With Georgiev, the Rangers will have more suitors in the summer and could likely package him with another player for a bigger return, but I don’t think he’s going to get many starts the rest of the season. That doesn’t mean the Rangers should trade him because he isn’t going to play, but he likely won’t get many chances to increase his value.

The other players mentioned relate to Kreider in that if he signs, some of them will have to be moved, and not relate to Kreider in that the Rangers may just want to move them, younger/cheaper players are pushing them or their future contracts could cause issues down the road. Most of those other players though are likely to be moved, if they are at all, at the draft when more teams will have space/interest and the Rangers could use them to move up in the draft or fill other needs. It’s hard to project though since Kreider’s status has a huge impact both on the lineup and on the cap. There are arguments for keeping (their production) and trading (usually based around prospects/young players coming or their potential salaries) each of them, but these are decisions that I think will be handled after the season.