2019-20 Rangers

Shesterkin in net against Carolina

1:21PM: David Quinn spoke this morning and said (NYR):

  • On Julien Gauthier, “you can see there is an awful lot there. I knew him a little bit from seeing him at the World Juniors in 17. There is a reason this guy has been so ighly thought of with the skill set that he has.”
  • Is holding guys out of the lineup a consideration, “not at all, we are trying to win a game and make the playoffs. There is a good feel in our room, I’ve said this a lot lately because it’s true, our guys are really excited about playing hockey games.”
  • On going with Shesterkin tonight, “well we are 8-0 since the break with him in net, it really is that simple.”
  • On the Mom’s trip so far, “if things go well tonight, we might extend this trip (laugh). It’s really fun to watch the players interact with their mothers and how excited they all are to be here and how proud they are of their children and they should be. It’s not easy to make it to the NHL and without the effort and support of their parents they wouldn’t be here and our players appreciate that and enjoy having them here and letting them live this life and thankful for the opportunities their parents have given them.”
  • On Chris Kreider’s play during this time, “he’s been doing it for a while and people handles situations differently and I think one of the reasons that Chris has had so much success is because he can handle New York and handle situations like this and it’s a reflection of his mental toughness. I know people get consumed with his physical tools but the fact that he has been able to block all this stuff out and be focused on winning hockey games and doing everything he can to help this organization night in and out is a testament to his mental capacity and mental toughness.”
  • Do you want it to be Tuesday, after the deadline, at this point, “No, I want it to be Friday night, around 9:30, having a beer and enjoying a win.” (big laugh)
  • On these being the biggest games he’s coached in the NHL so far, “I think that anytime you take on a new job or are in a new league a year of experience certainly helps you the second time around. You definitely feel more comfortable, maybe not as much anxiety. There is a comfort level from all of us in the locker room, not only the players but the coaching staff as well. One of the things we try to do is create a ‘we’ atmosphere, players and coaches together. Automatically, in any sport, when a season starts there is a little bit of divide between coaches and players, that is just sports and I think that your goal as a staff is to create a connection between the players and staff and our guys have done a great job of that.”

11:38AM: Igor Shesterkin will start in net against the Carolina Hurricanes tonight. (NYR)

Julien Gauthier will remain in the Rangers lineup and Greg McKegg and Brendan Smith will be healthy scratches. (NYR)