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The latest on the Rangers and the trade deadline

7:29PM: On NBCSN on Wednesday, Bob McKenzie said:

On Chris Kreider,

  • “The door is still open in terms of negotiations between Chris Kreider and his agent Matt Keator, the dialogue has continued but I think that at this point there is maybe a little more likely that he will be traded than signed, but both options are still very much on the table.”
  • “We believe there are at least five teams that are legitimately interested to varying degrees in Chris Kreider. That would include the Boston Bruins, the Colorado Avalanche, the New York Islanders believe it or not, I’m not sure what the deal would have to look like for Chris Kreider to end up with the Islanders, but nevertheless they are a team that apparently has spoken, along with St. Louis and the Washington Capitals. St. Louis maybe not as much as before after they made the Marco Scandella trade, GM Doug Armstrong suggested that might be all they would do.”
  • “Right now the Rangers expect to get a first-round pick, a good prospect as well as a third piece that could be a player, a lesser pick or lesser prospect, and possibly a conditional pick if the team that acquires Kreider ends up signing him to a long-term deal.”
  • “In an ideal world this goes right down to the deadline on Monday, if the Rangers can get an auction situation going with those teams bidding against each other. At some point they will assess the situation, look at what it would cost to re-sign him, what they have coming through the door if they trade him and pull the trigger one way or the other, probably closer to Monday than now.”

On Alex Georgiev,


  • “I doubt very much that the three-headed goalie monster will be settled by Monday’s trade deadline. The Rangers are still talking to teams about Alex Georgiev and what the price would be for him but they are asking a big price and maybe intentionally so because I don’t know that they really want to trade Georgiev.”

On Jesper Fast,

  • “There is going to be considerable interest in him and I get the sense that the Rangers believe they can probably get at least a second-round pick, maybe a touch more than that, not a first-round pick, but a second-round pick and maybe a little something extra in a trade for him before the deadline.”

On Lias Andersson,

  • “The Rangers are still taking calls on him and there is a chance, not guaranteed, but a chance that he could move by Monday’s deadline.”