2019-20 Rangers

What David Quin said after the win over Carolina

David Quinn spoke on MSG following the Rangers win over Carolina and said:

  • On stopping Carolina, “Just our forecheck, I thought we were really on top of them not only in the offensive zone but in the neutral zone. We didn’t give them a lot of time and space and…really…five guys working together, having five man gaps and packs. Really proud of our guys. Just a gutsy effort.”
  • On the Zibanejad goal in the first, “Those are game changers, that being said, our guys felt good about what we were doing leading up to that and doing the things we wanted to do, that we were focusing on coming into the game. We played at a pace, a little bit of physicality to us and it just continued after that. If you are going to come in here and win a hockey game you are going to need great goaltending and in the three previous games our goaltending was unbelievable, probably three of the better goaltending performances we’ve had all year, tonight it was a true team effort. Our goalie was good when he needed to be, we did a good job of not keeping him too busy and from the forwards to the defense, I thought we were really good.”
  • On keeping the pressure going, “I thought so, they took some penalties, we were on top of them, we didn’t spend time in our end. Just played a smart period.”
  • Is it a coincidence you are playing better with Shesterkin or is he the reason, “I think we were going in the right direction before he got here but he has been on a hot run and our guys have a lot confidence in all of our goalies but he’s been the guy that keeps winning. When a guy is in there and doing what he is doing, your team feels a little bit more confident.”
  • On belief in making a playoff push, “just the direction we were going in. I always go back to that Montreal game, just the feel. One of the things you do when you are evaluating your team, you try to size it up. Do we have some of the characteristics we need to win important hockey games, as the year went on we were acquiring those characteristics you are going to need. We thought we had enough talent, obviously we are not the most talented team in the league but in this sport you don’t need to be the most talented, you have to have enough talent. The emergence of some of our young players, the emergence of some of our older/younger players like Buchnevich and Strome and Skjei and guys like that and just the way that the team started to mold itself and feel good about each other, you could just feel that we had a chance. By no stretch of the imagination are we anywhere near where we need to be, there is a lot of work to do but we’ve put ourselves in a position late in the hockey season where our season is still very, very meaningful.”
  • On Filip Chytil’s injury, “it’s upper-body thing, I’ll know more after we get out of here.”
  • On not dressing Henrik Lundqvist, “Hank had a very heavt work day today because he hasn’t played a lot and we don’t have a lot of practices and after the workload today, he said ‘you know what, if someone has to go in,’ he did more than Georgie and he came to me and said ‘why don’t you have Georgie back up tonight,’ that was strictly Hank’s decision.”