2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win over San Jose

David Quinn met with the media following the Ranger win over San Joe and said (MSG, NYR Game Notes):

  • On the game, “there is such ebbs and flows during the season, especially at this time of year, last night, there was a lot on the line last night and to win in the fashion that we did, the mental commitment, the physical commitment and then to come back and play right away. I don’t want to take anything away from SJ, they played hard, I know everyone will point to how sluggish and slow we looked early on in the first 30-minutes and there is truth to that but also to how hard they played. You never want to disrespect your opponent and take anything away from them, it’s a two-part equation. Then I thought, in the second half of the second period we started to find our way. I think we had 10 shots in five minutes, got the goal and managed to win the hockey game, which you have to do. You are not going to play 82 great games, at this time of year you need to find ways to win. I give our guys a lot of credit, certainly we weren’t happy after the first period and no one was feeling good about what was going on. We were able to grind our way through it. It was not pretty by any stretch of the imagination. This is a team that has repeatedly gotten pucks to the blue line, thrown pucks to the net and tried to win those battles and they are relentless at it and were very relentless at it tonight and we are able to weather the storm.”
  • On Shesterkin, “I thought he was outstanding again.”
  • How do you handle two days between games with the deadline on Monday, “day off tomorrow and practice on Monday. It’s just pro sports. Everyone has a lot to write about and you guys are busy the next 48-hours, as you should be, but we are looking forward to practice on Monday and the Islanders on Tuesday.”
  • On Jesper Fast, “any time he gets rewarded in that fashion you are happy for him. He does a lot of the grunt work on that line and to get statistically rewarded is certainly a good thing for him and great thing for us.”
  • Do you think this game had a different feel because of the deadline, “no, I’m not just saying that. This has been a completely different feel than last year. Our guys are just going along and we are here until we are not.”
  • On what Jesper Fast means, “shift in and shift out we probably don’t have a more consistent player. He plays hard and has enough skill to compliment people that do have skill and there is such an honesty to his game that is infectious through our lineup. He’s an important piece to the puzzle here.”
  • On the impact of potentially losing a player at the deadline, “I’m sure it’s going to affect a bunch of guys whether you are at the deadline or not, when one of your teammates gets traded, we are all human, there is an emotional reaction to it and guys are disappointed but it’s pro sports, that is the reality of the business we are in.”