Chris Kreider Trade Rumors

Where things are with Chris Kreider on Sunday (Updates)

3:54PM: Darren Dreger tweets that hopes for a contract extension between the Rangers and Kreider are “fading” and that he remains at #1 on TSN’ trade bait board.

8:05AM: Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that the Rangers “preference” is to keep and sign Chris Kreider rather than trade him.

He notes that while people around the league believe Kreider won’t be traded, there was still a “significant” “gulf” between the two sides as of Friday. (NY Post)


Brooks writes that if there isn’t a contract extension in place by the deadline then the Rangers would have “no other choice” than to trade Kreider. (NY Post)

Rick Carpiniello writes at The Athletic writes that it sounds as if there is a “stalemate” between the two sides and it likely revolves around term for the contract.

He writes that the Rangers are likely unwilling to go to seven-years for Kreider at this time. (The Athletic)

On Hockey Night in Canada, Elliotte Friedman said on Saturday “the Rangers are right there and some teams were wondering that if the Rangers are right in the race, does that mean they hold onto Kreider and go for it? I don’t think that is necessarily the plan, I think it comes down to if they think they can re-sign Kreider or not, if no I think they are still going to try to move him, if yes, they keep him and go with him.”

Adam Rotter: We are a little more than 24-hours until the deadline and by 3PM tomorrow, if not a lot sooner, we will have an answer. The feeling around the league is that it still remains close to 50/50 on what happens with Kreider with a slight edge towards him getting his contract and being the bridge from the last time the Rangers were good to the next time. The last time the Rangers were in this situation they came close to signing Ryan Callahan but ended up sending him to Tampa for Marty St. Louis. This is a bit different as Callahan’s style of play made him more susceptible to breaking down, which happened, but the issue of term and no-move protection were the breaking point that saw the Rangers trading their captain.

It would be a big loss for the Rangers short and long-term if they trade Kreider but they are still in a position where they can’t let valuable pieces become free agents. There is desire from both sides to make this work and it’s why many around the league feel it will ultimately happen, but Jeff Gorton will continue going down that path and the trade path until he gets close to 3PM and has to make a decision.