Chris Kreider Trade Rumors

Where things are with Chris Kreider as of Sunday evening

6:55PM: On TSN’s Insider Trading on Sunday night, Darren Dreger said:

  • “Contract talks did not bridge the gap and more and more the hops is fading that Chris Kreider will extend and stay there. The possibility does exist until 3PM on Monday, but the possibility of trade is more significant at this point. 4-5 teams remain strongly in the mix.
  • “I believe the New York Rangers know they have at least a first-round pick on the table from a team that has a considerable amount of interest. The expectation would be a first round pick, a prospect or a first-round pick and a player.

Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that as of Sunday the two sides have been “unable” to reach an agreement on an extension with the major issue being the Rangers offering six-years and Kreider’s desire for seven.

Brooks adds that there is also believed to be a difference on cap hit, with the Rangers offering under $7 million per season. (NY Post)


He says that Colorado, Boston, even after acquiring Ondrej Kase and St. Louis are believed to be interested with Tampa and Vegas possibly as well. (NY Post)

Adam Rotter: This could all be posturing and one side using the media to try and pressure the other into folding a bit, or it could be that there is a big enough difference between what the Rangers are offering and what Kreider wants and that this could be the end. All it takes is one phone call from either side to get the extension talks back on track, but the hope that was once there seems to be dwindling.

St. Louis and Colorado are the teams with the assets that match best with what the Rangers want, unless the Bruins are going to trade someone like Jake DeBrusk, which would be counterproductive to acquiring Kreider. Tyson Jost from Colorado has always made sense and Colorado also has their picks and other recent picks/young players. St. Louis has their first, young players like Jordan Kyrou and Sammy Blais that would fit. Vegas would be interesting because they have a number of prospects and are in a battle for the top of the Pacific.