2019-20 Rangers

What David Quinn said after the win in Montreal

David Quinn met with the media on MSG following the Rangers win over Montreal and said:

  • On the game, “I loved our third period, actually, I liked the beginning of the second period and felt we came out with a little more energy to start the second and then I felt we started to get frustrated and the last 10-minutes of the second looked like the first and then I loved how we responded in the third period. That first goal was huge, getting that goal before the end, hell of a play by Fox and Di Giuseppe, who had a really good night, went to the net and we get a goal. That goal ignited us. I give a lot of guys who were having tough nights, a lot of credit because they turned it on in the third.”
  • On not cheating in the third, “much more disciplined, we were getting frustrated because we weren’t getting chances or doing much offensively but there is a reason for that, when you cheat and against a team that plays honest hockey you aren’t going to get chances. I felt we approached the third period differently and a lot of good hockey in the third period.”
  • On Georviev, “he was immense, made some big saves in the first period when we were sluggish. Made some big saves in the second as well. Georgie was big, big tonight.”
  • On changing lines in the third, “I just didn’t like how things were going, did it towards the end of the second and change the lines around. Put Panarin with Mika and Fast and trying different things because we didn’t have much going on.”
  • On Adam Fox, “he just continues to play at an elite level. People talk about all these Rookie of the Year candidates and I don’t hear his name enough. I don’t care what the stats are, you’d be hard pressed to find a rookie as good as this guy in the NHL. You talk to players throughout the league and they notice this guy. Not just because of what he does offensively, the little things he does defensively. Boy, he’s had one hell of a year and made big plays tonight.”
  • On the message to the top-six between periods, “listen, our third and fourth lines were really good in the first two periods and our top-two lines stunk. We aren’t going anywhere with how our top-two lines played in the first two periods. That was basically what I said, if you two lines play like these other two lines we’ll have a chance to win. I give them a lot of credit, they upped their game and I really liked our third period, from all four lines to our defnese corp and our goalie had to make some saves.”
  • Are there any factors to why the top-six wasn’t good, “no.”
  • On putting Panarin and Mika together, “I want to wake those two up and everyone else up. When you make those changes people notice and maybe you get a little bit of an uh-oh reaction throughout the lineup.”
  • On nine straight on the road, “It was mentioned again when I was drinking my beer, about 15-minutes ago. We did enjoy it for 15-minutes.”
  • Georgiev will start against the Flyers (Stephenson)